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Outsider by Cora Brent

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“Absolutely brilliant. This book is packed full of surprises.” – Goodreads reviewer

“A beautiful story. And the steam factor is through the roof!” – Goodreads reviewer
They called me a legend.
The golden boy of American boxing.
And I was.
I had everything.
I was the king of the ring.
But then I was forced to bury my entire family.
After that, all the fame and money in the world meant nothing.
So I retreated all the way out here, to a barren corner of the desert where no one could touch me.
Now they call me a hermit, a recluse, a loner with a bad attitude.
And they’re right.
I just want to be left alone.
I’m not searching for love.
I’m not searching for anyone.
Neither is she.
Deirdre – smart, spirited and clueless about how to survive out here – has her own secrets.
But she can keep her secrets to herself.
Just like I keep mine.
She doesn’t like me much. I don’t blame her.
There’s only one thing we have in common.
There’s only one thing we both want.
I know it’s a bad idea if we give in and take it.
I also know that’s not going to stop either one of us…

*A version of OUTSIDER was previously published as Cards of Love: The Hermit.  Come along for the ‘opposite attract’ steamy emotional roller coaster of a ride where love can be found in the most unlikely place with the most unlikely person.*
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