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Title: Finding You

Series: Voice Out

Author: Stella Rainbow

Message to Readers: Keep sparkling and keep supporting the queer community!


Luke It has been a year since I escaped my three years of hell. Twelve months, and yet I felt just as broken as I had all those months ago. I had a job now, a home and people who cared about me, and yet I was all alone in this darkness that surrounded me. My past haunted me day and night and there was no one who could protect me from it. Until I met Scott. Scott Losing every person I loved one after the other made me realise just how much loving someone could hurt. Without even realising, I made a decision to never love another person again, lest I lost them too. For years, my life revolved around studying and then working and the only person I was close to was my best friend, who wouldn’t leave me alone, no matter what I tried. I was content to stay alone. Until I met Luke. A man shy of loving someone again and a man haunted by his past. Will they be able to help each other heal? Or will they just end up breaking each other?


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Stella Rainbow is the pen name of a twenty something woman from India. Her heart is too full of rainbow colored stories to be limited by the lack of awareness in her home country. Stella spends her days cuddling up with her cat, typing out new stories, daydreaming and reading all the books she can get her hands on. She loves talking to her readers and other book lovers, so don’t hesitate in contacting her on any of her socials or emailing her at authorstellarainbow@gmail.com


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