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Title: The Prince Graceland : Kit and Bridge

Series: Falling for Fame

Author: Julia McBryant

Message to Readers:

I love Elvis, and this book was so much fun to write. Also, don’t forget Chance Black.


An English prince finds Manic Pixie Dream Boy in a tree, and tumbles into a love he never expected… Third in line to the British throne, the Duke of Cambridge — christened “Bridgie” by the British tabloids — meets Kit, a free spirit graffiti artist, whose heart’s broken by Bridge’s inability to ever come out or have an authentic relationship. Kit proposes the two of them go “all in” — for as long as they can, as long as it lasts, and as much as it may break their hearts down the road. But Kit makes one condition: Bridge has to write a bucket list of everything he dreams of doing with a boyfriend or husband. He and Kit will hit every single item. Kit loves Elvis. So does Bridge. And the top of the list is Graceland. The Falling for Fame is an m/m series of standalones about gay men accidentally tumbling into love with the rich, the famous, and the notorious. Mostly fluffy, sweet, funny, and low angst, they are a guaranteed HEA and can be read in any order.


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First on the list is Graceland…




Julia McBryant is, as the saying goes, Southern born, Southern bred, and when she dies, she’ll be Southern dead. A resident of the prettiest city in the world, McBryant yearns for the slant of light in Rome, the taste of oxtail and grits in the winter, and giant moonsnail shells on the beach at Tybee. She is owned by three children and three dogs, and enjoys caffeine, unicorns, and unicorns on caffeine. When she isn’t writing, she’s writing.


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