The Dangerous Son by Zoe Hill

The Dangerous Son Countdown 

The Dangerous Son by Zoe Hill will go LIVE in 5 days!
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Release: July 16, 2020
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About The Book 
For Spenser Ingram love is an abstract concept. Friendless and fearless, he happily walks his own solo path. Encouraged by his parents to wield his cold-blooded ruthlessness like a weapon, the boy who never cried grew into a man who regularly makes others weep.
Sent to deliver a message to a local motorcycle club that’s standing in the way of his family’s never-ending pursuit of power, he encounters Poppy Tennyson and is immediately captivated.
For the first time in his life, Spenser wants something for himself.
Unfortunately, a decades-long conspiracy is playing out behind the scenes, and he’s quickly left questioning if his affection for Poppy is genuine or a carefully crafted illusion created by the one person he thought he could trust.
The Dangerous Son is a dark and erotic romantic thriller set in a world where deception is the norm and the truth can’t be trusted.

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