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The Trophy Hunter: VooDoo Lily Series

🔥The Trophy Hunter: VooDoo Lily Series
🔥Book 2
By: Emery LeeAnn
Book Cover: Opulent Designs 
His whole life he felt nothing else but pain.
He was familiar with nothing more than humiliation.
Now his mind will only allow him to do nothing but dole the torment out, the only way he knows how.
The man known as the Trophy Hunter is desperate to add more prizes to his collection. The only problem: he is running out of the precious time he needs to prepare, and mount them properly.
Stalking them is the beginning.
Trapping them is part of the game.
But torture is the necessary element to feed his addiction.
He has one more reward he desires to collect, the ultimate accolade. The clock is ticking away.
The authorities are closing in on him. Before time runs out, will he get his one true desire, or will he be caught first?