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Stealing Summer by Lexi Blake

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A daughter lost A mother discovered A queen exiled

Stealing Summer, the all-new, exceptional final installment in the epic Hunter: Thieves series by New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake is available now!


From New York Times and USA Today bestseller Lexi Blake comes a new epic-length story in her Thieves/Hunter world…

A daughter lost

Summer has spent her whole life wondering about the family she left behind. On the night she came into being she only had a few moments with them. In that brief time, she reached out to her father, looking deep into his soul, and gifted him the will to go on. But now she is the one in need. Once a child made of pure magic, she is forced to live as a mortal. Her power caused great harm, and she has sworn never to let it happen again. With her friends beside her, she tries her best to help those she can. If that requires her to do a little thievery, well, she is her mother’s daughter, after all.

Everything changes when a woman falls from the sky and Summer meets the handsome vampire named Marcus Vorenus. Just as her past begins to catch up with her, she might have finally met her future.

A mother discovered

Kelsey Owens went searching for Dev and Marcus but all she found was a trap. She was pulled through a magical painting and thrown smack into the middle of a battle on a foreign plane of existence. Luckily she’s good in a fight. Saving the woman targeted by the horde of brutal soldiers, Kelsey is shocked by her resemblance to her queen. As Kelsey investigates the mystery surrounding Summer Donovan-Quinn, she also hunts for a way back to the husbands and son she just claimed.

A queen exiled

Zoey Donovan-Quinn is not happy. The wizard Myrddin is back, her marriage is troubled, and she is sure those two problems are connected. But nothing is more worrying than Dev’s sudden disappearance. When she and Daniel go looking for him, they are drawn into a world thought lost to the Earth plane. Danger awaits them there, but so does the daughter they thought they would never see again. She hopes they survive their reunion.

Three heroines. One mystery. And an ending that will change the Thieves world forever…

Stealing Summer out now

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He was stunning, his face all harsh planes and predatory lines. There was no question in my mind that this vampire was a hunter. Often the vampires I’ve met seem civilized, and it’s easy to forget that they evolved from ancestors who preyed on living beings. Now they’re all about meal pills and pretending there isn’t a savage predator under all that civility. Though I understand that when a vampire takes a consort, they exchange blood in the old ways. Vampires try to distance themselves from their bloody past. This vampire didn’t even try to hide his nature. The beast inside him was every bit on display as he breathed in the air around him, likely trying to catch my scent. I will not harm you, bella. This I promise to you. Come out and let us talk. I know you can hear me. I could. I could hear him in my mind, feel his voice brushing against my brain with an odd sensuality. Like he could stroke my very thoughts with silk. You have nothing to fear from me. I had everything to fear from this man. He could speak thoughts into my head. That wasn’t a vampire talent. Vampires are excellent fighters. Some of the royal vampires are stronger than the rest, but I’ve never once heard of a vamp with such powers. These were strange creatures coming after me. Come out and let me prove myself to you. The words were meant to coax me, to seduce me. I could feel his intentions. He wanted me. My light drew him in. It made me wonder if he could hear me when I wanted him to. I know what you want, vampire. I could feel his satisfaction like a wave against my skin. You know nothing yet, bella, but I will show you. I couldn’t give in to that voice. It was meant to trick me. This was not some friendly male who’d happened upon me in the forest and wanted to help. He’d been sent by someone. I should run, but I rather thought he would follow me, and forcibly. Perhaps I should show him what I was capable of. He was moving my way but didn’t seem to realize I wasn’t on the ground. He moved with grace, his feet not making a single sound. Bella, please come out. There’s no need to hide from me. I have a million questions for you, but you should know there are no wrong answers. If you’re in trouble, I will help you. I don’t care what you’re in trouble for. I will help you. Oh, he was good. He seemed to understand exactly how to talk to me, what words to use. I could feel his will. If I’d done something bad, he would find a way to fix things for me. He could be my protector. All I had to do was present myself to him and he would shelter me. He was strong. He could make the world right for me and only me. If only I could have believed him. He stopped beneath my hiding place, his hands on his hips as though he knew I should be there. I needed him in the right position. Look up, vampire. The minute he turned, I pounced, my stake coming up. I hit his body and he fell back to the forest floor with a hard thud. I lifted my stake, but I had questions first. “Who the hell are you?” I asked the question out loud because I wasn’t going to let him into my head again. The vampire’s lips curled up in the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. If he was scared, he didn’t show it. He seemed perfectly comfortable to have a female on top of him. “My name is Marcus Vorenus and I am entirely at your service. Would you like me to take off my shirt? It might be easier to stake me. I wouldn’t want you to miss my heart, and honestly, if I am about to die then I would like to feel your hands on my skin one time.” Not the reaction I’d been going for. I straddled him, my knees on either side of his lean waist. He was even more devastating up close, and I did actually want to see him without his shirt on. It had been a long time since I’d had any kind of sexual pleasure, and this male did it for me. I’m reasonably attractive, but it can be hard to find a date when your nickname is the Destroyer. Males discover I’ve destroyed worlds and suddenly they aren’t so hot to take care of my physical needs. “If I decide to kill you, I won’t need better aim. I assure you, I can do it right now.” “I’m sure you can. You’re obviously a woman of great physical skills.” His fangs were out. White and dangerous, I found those fangs way too sexy for my own good.


About Lexi Blake New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband and three kids. Since starting her publishing journey in 2010, she’s sold over three million copies of her books. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings.

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Cover Reveal

Hate the Player by Max Monroe

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I can hate the player but still secretly love his addictive game.

I’m sure of it.

Hate the Player, an all-new enemies to lovers romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe is coming August 13th and we have the smokin’ hot cover!

Hate the Player (official 9x6)

“Roses are red, violets are blue, stay away from Andrew Watson’s *ahem* because no other women ever do.”

That’s quite the way to start a conversation at a casual lunch, huh? Grilled chicken, French fries, and pelvic-fatigue, oh my!

And that’s not even the worst of it.

My friend Raquel didn’t pull any punches when she warned me about my brand-new costar and his notoriously player-esque ways. Apparently, my most important mission on my first role in a feature film is to stay immune to his charms.

Are you kidding me? Production costs on this movie are in the hundreds of thousands a day, and staying away from a panty-whispering, vajayjay-charmer is supposed to be at the top of my list? Pfft. Puh-lease.

It doesn’t matter that he’s annoyingly attractive, uber rich, crazy famous, and lusted after by ninety percent of the female population; Andrew Watson is trouble with a capital T—especially for a woman like me.

As a preventative measure, I’ve decided to go ahead and hate him.

Don’t worry, you guys, I’m completely in control. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to do something stupid like fall in love with him.

I can hate the player but still secretly love his addictive game.

I’m sure of it.


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About Max Monroe

A duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.

Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far.

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She’s all mine. She simply doesn’t know it yet.

I spent half my life as a savage guerrilla soldier, fighting to take back the kingdom that was stolen from me. Now, I’m back on the throne as the King of Bullogia. My will is iron, my control unflinching, and my heart walled-off and cold.

Until Claire Shaw explodes into my world, that is.

The spunky, strong-willed reporter is part of the media circus I’ve invited to my country for the first time. My enemies seek to turn the world against me. They call me the tyrant. Bringing Claire here was meant to set the record straight. But once I lay eyes on the curvy American, I know I’m about to keep her all to myself, come what may.

Freedom takes power. Protecting my kingdom takes an iron fist. Making Claire mine might just take me apart at the seams, but so be it.

The world already calls me a tyrant. Let them see how I am when I truly take what I want.

Jagger Cole likes his romance books like he likes his martinis—extra dirty, with a twist. A reader first and foremost, Jagger got his start with steamy romance almost ten years ago, writing especially dirty and somewhat perplexing Star Wars erotic fan-fiction for online message boards.

After deciding to hang up his writing boots, Jagger worked in advertising for a number of years pretending to be Don Draper. It worked enough to convince a woman way out of his league to marry him, though, which is a total win.

Now, Dad to two little princesses and “Daddy” to a Queen, Jagger is thrilled to be back at the keyboard.

When not writing or reading steamy romance books, he can be found woodworking, enjoying good whiskey, and grilling outside—rain or shine.

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The Young Americans by T.L. Bradford

Young Americans Banner

The Young Americans Series Tour:

Just Like Heaven & True Faith
By T.L. Bradford

Just Like Heaven Cover

Just Like Heaven

The Young Americans Series, Book 1

Noah Sinclair is best described as an egotistical, pompous, anal retentive, asshat. And those are his better qualities. Lately, Noah has lost touch with his playboy character “Jace” on the show Americana and can’t quite put his finger on why. The studio decides it is time to shake up his character by making him an offer he can’t refuse, literally. They will introduce a new love interest for his character “Jace.” Only this time, there’s a twist.

Josh Hill is up a creek and sinking fast. He’s got no job, no money, no credit and is about to be kicked out of his apartment. Opportunity comes in the form of a job offer from the show Americana. Everything should be perfect; only there is one hitch. He will be the new love interest for Noah Sinclair’s character on the beloved show.

So, opposites are supposed to attract, right? Not so fast. No one said life was that easy. Both actors find themselves in untested waters. Will they be able to play a same-sex couple with no prior experience authentically? Well, they say practice makes perfect.

Carefree, fun-loving Josh and uptight, overbearing Noah, realize they need to make the best of their bad situation and are forced to find common ground. Over time, their roles in each other’s lives become blurred. Is their attraction fake, or is it real? To top it off, Noah has a dark skeleton in his closet that can prevent them from ever moving forward.

Can they get on the same page and save both of their careers and their relationship?

Or will they end up yesterday’s tabloid fodder?

(Just Like Heaven is a full-length, slow-burn love story. It contains a cast of fully-developed characters that encounter romance, heartache, laughter, and life lessons. The book has darker themes that may act as triggers to some readers. It contains adult language, mature themes, and is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18.)

Universal Link (Audio) | Universal Link (eBook) | Goodreads | BookBub



True Faith

The Young Americans Series, Book 2

If you were granted just one wish, what would you choose?
Money? Fame? Power? Love?

The world could be your oyster,
if you were willing to take the chance.

But choose wisely, and prepare for the consequences.
Everything has its price.
Can you afford it?

Be careful what you wish for.
And remember, smiling faces tell lies…


Noah & Josh

The entire world witnessed their fight for love.
Obstacles were beaten and won.
They were living their best lives.

Is that all? Is that the end?
Seriously, did you really think it would be that easy?
Oh, hell no.
Their story is just beginning.

Josh and Noah are navigating the twists and turns of their newly public relationship…to varying degrees of success.

When they are lured into the trappings of Hollywood’s influence, they end up on the rollercoaster ride of their lives.

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride.
You will need to hold on tight.

Temptation, by any measure, is a fickle beast.
And when you are given the world on a silver platter, it’s downright wicked.

Truth, lies, fame, fortune.

All bonds will be tested.

Will the binds that ground them finally break?

(True Faith is a full-length, slow-burn love story. It contains a cast of fully-developed characters that encounter romance, heartache, laughter, and life lessons. It contains adult language, mature themes, and is best enjoyed by those over the age of 18.)

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Excerpt from True Faith:

“How much was the Uber Eats? I’ll pay for it. I’m the one that dragged you out here,” Josh says.

“No, don’t worry about it. I got it. Here’s your veggie curry.”

“It smells good.”

“How’s it taste?” Noah asks.

“Alright. It’s not as good as the one we used to go to, but okay.”

“Oh shit, that’s right. Thai Mondays. I forgot about that.”

“I didn’t. I’ll still stop over and grab some when I get a chance,” Josh says.

“Hand me that sriracha sauce. It’s not truly Thai until I’ve burned the roof of my mouth.”

“Here you go. Hey, you remember that place we ate at on Fiji? What was it called, Chanatos?”

“Oh, wait, no it was Chantaro!” Noah remembers.

“Yeah! That’s the place! You had that Massaman curry and doused it in chili sauce?”

“Ugh. Don’t remind me. That chili sauce was hotter than Satan’s asshole, I swear. I paid dearly for that one, both coming and going.”


“Why are you laughing, Josh? As I recall, you had a life ruining moment as well.”

“Yeah, that was the day I discovered you never take a shart for granted.”

“Let’s toast to that one and never eat there again,” Noah says.

“Never again,” says Josh, finishing the toast.

“We’ve had a lot of crazy firsts,” Noah reminisces.

“Remember our first zip line adventure in Fiji?” asks Josh.

“Yeah. I screamed the entire way down, then passed out.”

“Then there was our first trip to Italy.”

“I was heavily medicated on Dramamine,” Noah says, sipping his beer.

“And who could forget our first ski trip in Colorado?”

“Yeah, I got drunk off brandy to stay warm,” chuckles Noah.

“Why do most of our memorable activities revolve around you being unconscious in some way?” Josh says.

“I can think of one first where I was completely lucid.”

“What’s that?”

“Our first kiss,” Noah says.

“There were like 20 or more people staring at us, I would call that less memorable and more anxiety ridden.”

“No, not that kiss. Our first real kiss.”

“In the gazebo?” asks Josh.

“Yep.” Noah smiles.

“I was so nervous. I thought I was going to swallow my tongue.”

“I’m glad you didn’t. It would have made for an awkward good-night kiss,” Noah jokes.

“I never told you this before, but that day on the bunny slope, when you were all tangled up in your skis and falling over, was the day I realized how much I was in love with you.”

“You’re kidding, right?” A small grin trickles over Noah’s lips.

“No, I was freaking out in the van on the ride back, thinking about how to tell you.”

“That’s why you were so quiet? I thought you were busy thinking about making out with Archer.”

“Like you would’ve noticed! You spent the day practically dating my brothers! I couldn’t pry them off you. Chloe made that super lame excuse to get them out of the house so we could be alone together.”

Noah says, “Yep. I remember. The gazebo was the perfect setting with the Christmas lights and the decorations. Damn, all we needed was a Michael Bublé song and we would’ve had our own Hallmark Christmas romance movie.”

“No, that would be too PG-Rated for us.”

“We were PG. Until we got back to LA, where you corrupted me,” Noah teases.

I corrupted you? Uh, excuse me. I believe you have that backwards. I remember someone dragging me into the house and then having their wicked way.”

“That time I was the scared one.”

“We’d never gone that far before,” Josh says.

“It felt right. Like we belonged together.” Noah sighs.

“It did. We always fit together, like puzzle pieces.” Josh pauses a moment. “You fit me perfectly our first time. I wasn’t scared or nervous. You were so tender and loving.”

“Josh, I’d have done just about anything to be with you. To have you.”

“I would have let you,” Josh says, repeating that line from so long ago…

“Can I kiss you?” asks Noah.


Noah moves in to taste his lips, gently at first, then nipping his upper lip. “You taste so good.”

“So do you,” says Josh, reluctantly pulling his lips away.

“Again?” breathes Noah, heavily.

“Yes…mmm…how do you always do this to me?” Josh’s eyes roll back in his head in pleasure. “Noah, we can’t use sex to solve our problems all the time.”

“You’re right.”

“Is this a bad idea?” Josh says.


“That’s what I thought. Just checking.”


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The Young Americans Series


About T.L.:

T.L. always hated math, so it was a good thing she had a way with words. Since she was a shy and quirky kid; words were her best friends. She would imagine entire worlds in her head and talk to herself endlessly. Her mother wondered if she was speaking with ghosts for a while.

Her older sister was a voracious reader of trashy romance novels and would pass them down to her after she had finished them. T.L. was the only 10-year-old kid sitting in class reading “The Stud” by Jackie Collins during reading time. Oddly enough, she never got called out on it.

As she grew older, her tastes evolved, but one thing held fast; her undying attachment to love stories. One day out of the blue, she decided to write the love stories she always wanted to read instead of searching for her story. Since then, writing has been a dream fulfilled for her and she could not be happier.

She enjoys writing about love, regardless of gender and is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community.

T.L. calls the Pacific Northwest her home and enjoys the quiet rural life of her little oceanside home with her playful/crazy husband and their giant dog Noah.

Connect with TL:


Cover Reveal

LEO by Jay McLean

Coming AUGUST 11 from Jay McLean is LEO, the third book in the New Adult/Coming of Age Series, The Preston Brothers. Pre-order today!!

Will be available on Kindle Unlimited⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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One single summer changed them forever, and one moment of devastating silence destroyed it all.
Growing up with six siblings, Leo Preston has always struggled to find his voice.
While his brothers are loud, greedy, and somewhat obnoxious, Leo is forever the quiet one.
The thinker.
The listener.
He watches his life pass by as an outsider in his own world, absent and alone.
Until he finds her.
For Leo, Mia Kovács is like a prize, a gift wrapped in passion and devotion.
And she’s his—his very own secret he doesn’t have to share.
Together, they can overcome anything…
heartache and destruction, guilt and regret.
Mia gives Leo everything he didn’t know he needed,
including her fragile heart.
The only thing she doesn’t give him…
are secrets of her own. 

Available now on Kindle Unlimited.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
One-click Lucas (Book 1):
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To celebrate the cover reveal of Leo, Jay McLean is giving away a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Stop by her Facebook page to enter!
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Love Unexpected by Q.B. Tyler is coming August 12!

Free in KU
I’d only wanted one kiss.
One kiss, under the dark of night, in a city where no one knew us.
One kiss fueled by my hormones and alcohol and the blinding grief over losing my mother. 
One kiss from the man I told myself was untouchable. 
But, it didn’t stop at one kiss. 
And now we are running full speed down a road with no intention of stopping. 
His touch disarms me.
His kiss revives me.
But, our love, could destroy me.

*This is a taboo novel and is intended for mature audiences only.
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Tempt Me

Tempt Me is a limited collection of romance tales. This diverse bundle of short stories has something for everyone, from paranormal to fantasy to dark romance.

The temptation will be too strong to resist. This book will captivate you and leave you wanting more. Be prepared for a thrilling ride that will make your heart pound.

The stories in the compilation are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere else. Please don’t wait, this box set will only be available for a limited time before it is gone forever!

The authors of this collection have joined together to raise money for kidney disease patients. All proceeds will be donated to the Kidney Foundation of Ohio.

~ Contributing Authors ~
Yolanda Olson, Shani Greene-Dowdell, Michelle Brown, Theresa Hodge, Emery LeeAnn, Michelle Pace, Simone Evans , Eden Rose, Ruby Papciak, Faith Ryan, Delizhia Jenkins, Barb Shuler, Amanda Kimberley, Julia Bright, Ja’Nese Dixon, Donna R. Mercer, Peyton Banks

Amazon US : AU : CA : UK

Cover Reveal

Redemption by Jennifer Bene

COVER REVEAL!!! Redemption by Jennifer Bene releases August 3!!!

“Could not turn the pages fast enough with this brilliantly sculpted read… An absolute must read!” – Measha Stone, USA Today Bestselling Author

“This is Jennifer Bene at her best, taking us readers all along for a dark and twisty ride into the light” – Livia Grant, USA Today Bestselling Author

Pre-order now!

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Cover Design: Laura Hidalgo,
Spellbinding Design

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“No one will tear us apart.”

Everything would be easier if he could just tie her up.
Lock her away and keep her safe.
Well… from everyone except him.

But that’s not how love works.

David chose Lianna over his hate. Every part of her.
Love of his life. Heiress to a dangerous crime family.
Prior focus of all his rage and obsession,
and current focus of his… everything.

Her family is the only thing standing in their way.
But family isn’t everything, no matter what they say.
She may share their blood, but those can be fragile ties when put to the test.
In the end, it’s who we choose that matters.

And he will always choose her.


#1 Destruction:
#2 Inheritance:

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Billion Dollar Date

𝗕𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗗𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗗𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗯𝘆 𝗕𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮 𝗠𝗶𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗲𝗹𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲𝘀 𝗧𝗢𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗥𝗢𝗪! Are you ready to meet Enzo DeLuca?

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