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From Emma Renshaw, author of the Vow series, comes a new small town romance about a woman who has lost everything and the man determined to heal her scars.

Ignite by Emma Renshaw  is now live! 

One night changed an entire town.

One girl changed my entire life.

After she left without saying goodbye, I never expected to see her again.

The fire that changed Hawk Valley was my first night on the job. She was my first save as a firefighter. But she wasn’t the first to walk out of my life without looking back.
She was just another number on that list.

I grew used to putting out sparks in my personal life, too. But when she came back, I couldn’t stop myself from chasing after her. Just a fling, we said. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Of all people, I should have known that. It could never be casual with us. It was always going to become an inferno.

Until someone else put out the fire.

A portion of Emma Renshaw’s first week proceeds will be donated to the ALS Association in honor of George Gallegos, Emma’s uncle who died of ALS in February of 2019.

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Coffee splashed over the edge of Ridge’s coffee mug as it clattered to the table. He pushed the chair back, stood, and was hovering over me in one stride. One hand gripped the arm of the chair, and the other wove into my messy hair. He tilted my head back, bringing my lips a sliver away from his own. 

“I was serious last night when I said I want you—and more nights like last night—until you leave. Were you? I haven’t even scratched the surface of the things I want to do to you.”

No one had ever spoken to me like that before. I’d never been with a man this bold. I’d thought one night would be enough, but it wasn’t. I wanted to see him again, see him until I left, but I knew it would be a challenge to make sure my heart didn’t get involved. I couldn’t allow it to. I couldn’t fall into Ridge’s arm and get lost in his smile. 

“Yes, I was serious,” I whispered. With each word my lips brushed against his. I arched my neck to get a sliver more contact between us. “It’s only a fling though. I’m leaving, Ridge. We can’t forget that.”

His jaw tightened and his nostrils flared as he broke eye contact for a second. Then he nodded once. “Only a fling. I won’t forget you’re leaving,” he promised. His lips sealed over mine, and I whimpered in the back of my throat as his tongue swept into my mouth. He broke the kiss, brushing his thumb over my cheek. “While you’re here, it’s just us. I don’t share, Zoe.”

I nodded. Ridge’s lips tipped up and he stood, releasing me. “And if you need another night of commiseration or celebration, I’ll bring you to The Watering Hole. Anything you need while you’re here, I’m your guy.”

Meet Emma

Emma loves to write, just don’t ask her to write about herself. If she isn’t writing, you can find her lost in a book or trying to get her doggo to take a selfie with her. He usually refuses. At the end of the day, you can find Emma at the closest Mexican restaurant eating queso and sipping on a margarita. She lives in Texas with her husband and dog.

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