THE BROOKLYN BOYFRIENDS – A Collection, Books 1-4 by Kayley Loring

Now available! Get four full-length Kayley Loring audiobooks, for one Audible credit! All narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Mackenzie Cartwright. Rebound with Me, Come Back to Bed, Tonight You’re Mine and The Plus Ones. This bundle includes bonus epilogues for each of the four books and they are only available in this collection. So much swoony fun, you will not believe your ears!

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One New York borough (okay two boroughs). Four book boyfriends to fall in love with. Four full-length standalone novels with crossover characters that appear together in The Plus Ones. Bonus epilogues for all four novels that can only be found in this collection.
This collection includes: Rebound with Me (bonus epilogue and 5000 words longer than the original 2018 version), Come Back to Bed (bonus duet-style epilogue), Tonight You’re Mine (bonus epilogue) and The Plus Ones (bonus duet-style epilogue).
Rebound with Me
*Vince and Nina*
A man and a woman whose exes are now dating each other. One awesome bad idea. One hot summer fling that just might be the real thing.
Come Back to Bed
*Matt and Bernadette*
Two neighbors. Nothing in common except a wall and a dog. No strings. No problem!
Tonight You’re Mine
*Chase and Aimee*
Just the two of them. Just for one night. Except that tomorrow they’ll have to start working together, and his business partner likes her too…
The Plus Ones
*Keaton and Roxy*
One Caribbean couples-only resort. Reservations for six friends who want to escape Brooklyn in the dead of winter. Two married couples. Two fakers who hate each other’s freaking guts.
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