Out of Sight by Ally Michelle


Out of Sight by Ally Michelle is coming August 27th!
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No matter which way I turn he’s there, watching me silently, his stare penetrating me from a distance. His eyes bore into me, seeing all the parts of myself I keep hidden. I have a secret I thought no one knew about. It’s easy to hide what I secretly crave, when judging eyes see women on my arm. But he sees what I keep inside, and I’m afraid I’m going to let him expose it.


Arrested. The charges? Murder and stalking. One is a crime I didn’t commit, and the other, well, there’s no denying that it’s true. I’m out and I’m angry, and someone is going to pay for that little stunt. He should’ve known that nothing will keep me away. Out of sight, out of mind, that shit doesn’t work on a man like me, and I can be any man I need to be.

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