#BRVLPromo You in My Blood

You in My Blood
by J. Hali Steele

My kind use the name vampire–we both live on blood!

#LGBT #Horror #Paranormal

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Romantic tales are told about handsome, sexy undead. My kind use their name—vampire. We both live on blood.

Zev Parish desires Victor Aldrich. He’s sensitive, vulnerable, defenseless, all things Zev yearns for in a man; attributes that will eventually cause Victor to despise him. If keeping him means pretending to let him go, fine. If it means allowing him to break his body into pieces, fine. Whatever it takes, Zev will have him.

The thing hunts humans for food. He returns invigorated and sex is freaking fantastic. Vic loathes himself for hoping it feeds well.

Victor Aldrich chooses not to live with death he witnesses. He makes the choice to end his life not once, but twice. After almost succeeding, he decides to kill Zev. To accomplish that with a broken body, he must become what he loathes most and exactly what Zev is—a bloodthirsty parasite masquerading as a vampire.

Aware Victor hates him, Zev turns him anyway. One fleeting sentiment gleaned along Victor’s mental path shatters his cold heart; still, if necessary, Zev will end Victor’s life. Successfully.

#drama #gay #horror #suicide #vampire #violence

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