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โ€œJust…one kiss.โ€ She looks up at me and I see the water building in her brown eyes; it feels like a stab to my already racing heart. I canโ€™t breathe. I feel like air isnโ€™t getting to my lungs and on top of that, Iโ€™m getting harder by the second in my slacks. Sheโ€™s this insanely gorgeous siren sitting in front of me begging me to kiss her.
Love her.
But what if she wants more?
โ€œOne kiss, Stassia.โ€ I give in, much to my own disappointment. Iโ€™m not drunk, but the whiskey flooding my veins is making me hornier than usual and all I want is to pull her into my lap and kiss her until the sun rises.
โ€œReally?โ€ Her eyes clear from the unshed tears and I nod. โ€œYou know this changes…things.โ€
โ€œThings have already changed,โ€ she whispers back.
Her words knock the rest of the wind that Iโ€™ve been struggling to get into my lungs out of me and I stand up, to put some space between us and hopefully give myself some clarity.
โ€œWait!โ€ she squeals as she stands up and grabs my hands. โ€œI need to feel something. I feel so numb sometimes and I just… even if itโ€™s guilt or shame, itโ€™s better than feeling nothing.โ€ Her lip wobbles slightly.
โ€œDonโ€™t you think Iโ€™m pretty enough to kiss?โ€
Youโ€™re fucking pretty enough to eat. The sinful thought crosses my mind before I can keep it at bay and I ball my hands into fists at the rage building inside of me for lusting after Stassia so fucking aggressively.
โ€œStassi…โ€ I back up and run a hand through my hair. โ€œWhat youโ€™re asking me…โ€
โ€œIs not incest. We arenโ€™t blood related and itโ€™s just a kiss…โ€
โ€œSomething tells me you wonโ€™t just stop at a kiss.โ€ And once I kiss her, Iโ€™ll be powerless to stop anything she wants after. โ€œI think you are beautiful, Stassi. So fucking beautiful sometimes it hurts to look at you and know that youโ€™re you. Someone I canโ€™t ever fucking have.โ€
*This is a taboo novel and is intended for mature audiences only.
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