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Posh Frocks and Peacocks by Tracie Podger

Posh Frocks & Peacocks, the third and final part of Lizzie’s humorous journey, by Tracie Podger

What better to accompany Colleen the Llama, Gerald the goat, and Piggy the pig with rickets than two rescue peacocks?
In true Lizzie and Ronan style, however, these aren’t just any old peacocks.
Life for Lizzie and Ronan has been hectic. With a thriving holiday destination set up in the castle grounds, the naked artists still…naked, and the use of the castle as a film location, it’s time to plan the next development in their relationship.
However, a promise to an elderly neighbour means the introduction of two new pets to the menagerie of misfits that free roam the estate causing all sorts of trouble.
With a wedding in the planning, the prospect of swingers meeting naturists for the first time, Lizzie and Ronan have their work cut out for them!
But will it all go to plan?
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