Author: Jaxson Kidman
                                                                Series: Bay Falls High NEXT Book 1
                                                              Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 1
Tour Host: DSF PR Services


They think I can’t remember…
What they don’t know is I can’t forget.

The car accident should have taken my life, but it only took my memory.
At least for a little while.
But I’m keeping that part a secret.

I know who did this to me.
And when I get my chance to ‘start over’, I end up at Bay Falls High, in the same building as those who tried to hurt me.

I remember everything.
They still think I can’t.
It’s my turn to lie.
It’s my turn to plot.
It’s my turn to set up an ‘accident’ … or three.

I have help from someone nobody would ever guess..

I’m going to break them.
One by one.
Even if they each tell me they’re falling for me.

This isn’t the game they think it is.
It’s kill or be killed.
And I’ve survived.
I now own these m*therf*ckers.

Author Bio:
Jaxson Kidman has several top 100 bestselling books and loves to connect with his reader
He writes stories that span the genres. From MC bad boys, to tattooed hotties, to real, raw, emotional
second chance romance and coming soon Rock Stars. Jaxson writes it all. One thing you can always
count on, there is something in each and every book that is based on a piece of his life. He writes with
heart, soul, and emotion that will leave you asking for more.
When he’s not writing your next fantasy, he’s sipping on some whiskey, playing guitar, and staying up
way too late.

Want to chat with Jaxson or find out more about him and his books?
Email him at JaxsonKidman@gmail.com or get over to his Facebook page at

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