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BRVL Author Spotlight — Reese Morrison

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Title: Hummingbird and Kraken

Series: Hummingbird Tales

Author: Reese Morrison

Message to Readers: Hi! My name’s Reese and I write mostly kinky books with lots of trans characters and a range of backgrounds, cultures, dis/abilities, and identities. I’m genderqueer (I use they/them pronouns) and it’s important to me to represent my community in my writing. In this book, I loved getting to explore some different aspects of trans experiences, as well as exploring how traditions and modernity meet with a tribe of Native American shifters–with a touch of fantasy. Oh, and there are tentacles. Did I mention the tentacles? If you enjoy this book, I’ve already posted the companion story, The Hummingbird’s Gift. Happy reading!


GEIR Geir lives alone in the woods for a reason. And he likes it that way. Until Declan lands on his doorstep, with a bubbly personality, shimmery lipstick, and dreams of adventure. Surely he can let him stay for a few days without giving in to temptation. Or letting him discover that he’s a kraken shifter. Only Declan has other ideas. Because Declan loves his tentacles. And he believes that Geir can be the Daddy that he needs. DECLAN Declan might be a teeny little bit impulsive. Alright, a lot impulsive. But he’s still allowed to believe in love at first sight, right? Geir is practically perfect, with his stern scowl, sexy secret, and possessive doting. When Declan settles in and makes friends with the neighboring shifter tribe, it feels like he might have found a home. Of course, it isn’t that easy. Strangers lurk in the area, harassing Declan for information about his shifter friends. Geir inexplicably disappears for hours every day. Declan’s only clues seem to lie in Native American legends, as he tries to unravel Geir’s past and their future together. When danger threatens their small community, Declan’s loyalty is put to the test. And Geir must decide who he trusts, who he cares about, and who he is. “Hummingbird and Kraken” is an expansion of the short story “My Kraken.” It has non-mpreg shifters, a happy-go-lucky boy, a grumpy old kraken, bad guys on the loose, plenty of tentacles, and a HEA.


A happy-go-lucky boy looking for a Daddy, a grumpy old kraken, plenty of tentacles, and a HEA.

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Reese Morrison lives in Philadelphia with their partner, two precocious children, and intermittent housemates, guests, and homeless, queer teens. Their hobbies are volunteering on too many boards, planting gardens that they forget to water half-way through the summer, making up songs for their kids, and putting off writing their dissertation. Reese and their partner both identify as genderqueer and are part of a vibrant community of queer and trans folks. They started writing because they were dissatisfied with the lack of trans and genderqueer characters in what they were reading and finally decided to do something about it. Many, but not all, of their books are kinky (for a whole range of kinks…) and they feel that it’s important to represent a range of backgrounds, dis/abilities, gender presentations/identities, and body types in their writing.


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