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One Night in Monaco by Blair Babylon

Title: One Night in Monaco
Series: Billionaires in Disguise: Maxence Prequel
Author: Blair Babylon
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Amy Queau, Q Design
Release Date: August 18, 2020


One night in Monaco, my best friend, Maxence, disappeared from the middle of the Monte Carlo casino like blowing away a breath of smoke.

I have no idea what Maxence was doing in Monaco that night. Yeah, he loves the Monte Carlo casino—the stage of British spy movies, billionaires, Russian mafia, and roulette.

But too many people in Monaco think he might be a danger to them.

He never should have been there.

But he was.

And so was Simone. She’s trouble from our past at boarding school. Her husband is a good friend of some of the people who would be happier if Maxence wasn’t around anymore.

They tell me Maxence was here in the casino, and then a few minutes later, he was gone.

Like he dropped off the face of the Earth.

Or like he was dropped off one of Monaco’s cliffs and into the blue Mediterranean Sea, which was just a few feet from where he was standing when he disappeared.

Arthur and I are in Monaco to find Maxence, no matter what it takes.

But we might end up finding his body.

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Casimir said, “Max’s security team called. Max is gone, and they can’t find him.”
Roxanne flopped back onto the pillow and pulled up the duvet. “Max always throws his security. It’s traditional. He’s probably off playing Robin Hood or Galahad somewhere, or maybe he’s just on another global bender. Come back to bed.”
Casimir sighed. “Max was in Monaco when he went missing.”
She flipped around in the bed and ogled him with one very serious brown eye above the bedcovers. “Is he alive?”
“As far as Arthur knows.”
“Where’s Pierre?”
Pierre was Max’s older brother. “In Monaco.”
She grimaced. “Anybody else gone missing?”
“Arthur doesn’t know. I’m sure he’ll start calling in favors.”
Roxanne threw back the covers and slithered out of the bed, landing on the floor with a thump. “I’ll pack.”

Author Bio

“I’m passionate about books and literature. The best books are intense, enthralling stories that readers can get lost in for days. Books delve into what it means to be human and connect us to each other. Books allow us to live all our possible lives. Books open us to loving each other and the world more. I write intense, deeply imagined romance novels for serious readers because the world needs more love.” ~~Blair Babylon

Blair Babylon is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author who used to publish literary fiction. Because professional reviews of her other fiction usually included the caveat that there was too much deviant sex and too much interesting plot, she decided to abandon all literary pretensions, let her freak flag fly, and write hot, sexy, suspenseful romance.

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What does Jonathan do when he used to be alone and now not? Come find out in Escaping Their Pasts Book
Alpha wolf and loner Jonathan Waine was comfortable and content in his loner lifestyle. Thrown out of his pack by his father for being gay, he had finally found peace. Until the night he decided to go for a drink. That one decision changed everything: his solitude, his home, his happiness, and his future. Now, everything rested on one beautiful blond.
Ethan Gregory learned long ago that if he let people in, he always ended up hurt. He has been moving from place to place for years, never allowing anyone to get close. On his way home from work one night, a stranger comes to his rescue, and he realizes that this man is his fated mate. He does the only thing he can think of. He runs.
When the past comes back and literally bangs on the door, will Jonathan and Ethan get their happily ever after? Or, will they even survive long enough to find out?
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She’s off limits. He has none.

There’s a girl.

Beautiful. Popular. Fake.

And my obsession.

My fall.

Probably my damnation.

Did that stop me? Do I care? No and no.

There’s a line between right and wrong. Moral and immoral.

And then there’s her.

I cross every limit with blood-coated fingers.

She says she hates me.

I say I hate her too as I trap her, own her.

Make her all mine.


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Protect Forever by Amanda Lee Dixon

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Protect Forever by Amanda Lee Dixon will go LIVE in 3 days!

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Release: August 7, 2020

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About The Book 

Not much changes in Peak Valley, and Clint likes it that way, as long as everyone leaves him the hell alone. But when the mysterious Dawn drifts into town and needs help with her car, he finds himself getting too involved. As Dawn starts to open up, he wonders if there is more to her than she is telling him.

Forced to change her identity and move halfway across the country to Peak Valley, Kansas, Dawn has a plan to escape her troubled past. Only her carefully laid plan gets derailed when the town recluse Clint Colson comes to her rescue. As Clint pushes his way into her closed off world, she knows she can’t keep her secret for long or risk everything.

And will she survive what comes to Peak Valley when her past finally catches up with her?

Protect Forever is the first novel in the Peak Valley Forever Series.

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The Fae Prophecy By Toni Cox

The Fae Prophecy 
Author: Toni Cox 
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Release Date: Aug 4th 

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Amongst the chaos of the magical kingdom of Draeguard being attacked by strange dark magic, fae princess Dana discovers she has mysterious powers. To save her, the king begs her to leave him to his fate.
Now Dana must unravel the mysteries of her powers while fending for herself in a land she thought she knew all while finding a way to save her father and the kingdom.

Moonstones, a witch, dark elves, and a wolf shifter all stand in her way as she tries to absolve her father of the atrocities the fae folk accuse him of.

Get book 1 of The Fae Prophecy Series now to find out the fate of the magical land of Wiltera.

Fae Unrest (The Fae Prophecy Series Book 2)


The kingdom of Draeguard is back in the hands of the royals – for now. It is a tenuous hold, for the Dark Elves are continuing their attacks with their dark magic.
Princess Dana, realising she cannot save the kingdom by herself, agrees to work with the shifter again, as well as the witch, Arianna.

Get book 2 of The Fae Prophecy series now to find out the fate of the magical kingdom of Draeguard.

Fae Uprising (The Fae Prophecy Series Book 3)


Magic is no longer enough. The dark elves are resorting to more violent methods to get what they want, and the Fae kingdom is on the brink of destruction.
Draeguard needs help and Princess Dana crosses the divide between races and reaches out to the Shifters.
Will they agree to help, or will the most precious to the Fae be lost forever?

Get book 3 of The Fae Prophecy series now to find out the fate of the magical kingdom of Draeguard.

Fae Conquest (The Fae Prophecy Series Book 4)


With the moon stones gone, so is most of the magic from Draeguard. The mages are near powerless, and Princess Dana struggles to deal with their loss.
Their only hope, though, is for the Fae to get the stones back, and for Princess Dana to perform the moon rites before the dark elves destroy the kingdom.
Unfortunately, the Fae aren’t the only ones hunting the moon stones.

Get book 4 of The Fae Prophecy series now to find out the fate of the magical kingdom of Draeguard.

Born in Germany in 1976, International Bestselling Author Toni Cox moved to South Africa in 1991. Although she has spent much of her working career in the timber wholesale business, she is also an accomplished horse rider, has a diploma in project management, photography, and nutrition, and has a passion for books and all things fantasy.

From a young age, her dream had always been to put her imagination into words. When she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013, she decided life is too short not to follow her dream. With the support of her husband and three children, she began writing book 1 of the Elemental Trilogy in January 2015.

Toni Cox writes Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, and Dark Fantasy. She is a firm believer in dragons.

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Enchanted by the Spirit

Title: Enchanted by the Spirit
Author: Dora Blume 
Series: Enchanted by the Craft Book 4
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

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Best friends forbidden to fall in love. A magical army out for blood. The only one who can help, held captive by a vengeful God.

Zoe always looks out for herself, except when it comes to Theo. His whole life as a sage was about protecting her from a secret that will shatter the world as she knows it.

The night she sees a ghost changes everything. Her powers bring a vengeful God and his army out for blood. Theo doesn’t know if he can keep Zoe safe, hide their relationship, and help her find the Goddess who can save them all.

Because if anything goes wrong, their love and their lives will be over. .

If you love sexy magical characters, steamy romance, and rollercoaster of emotions you’ll love Enchanted by the Spirit.

One-Click this magical adventure today!

Dora Blume is a middle school English teacher by day, writer by night. She tends to write spunky, bad-ass female characters. She has an Urban Fantasy series called The Shikari. It’s filled with quirky characters on a quest to save the world from demons. Her second series is Enchanted by the Craft series. Five siblings are on a race to stop the God before he destroys the world. 

Being a teacher, she couldn’t help but write a young adult drama. Haunted by a Moment is a dramatic novel about a girl who’s life is falling apart. She’s trying to pick up the pieces before she goes mad. It’s about the darker side of being a teenager.

In her spare time, Dora reads a ton of books and enjoys a good hard cider. She loves to read as much or more than she loves to write. She lives with her two dogs in beautiful, albeit cold, Minnesota. 


DARE TO TEMPT by Carly Phillips


Dare to Tempt by Carly Phillips is LIVE!


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🏈 Audio: Erin Mallon & Joe Arden
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He’s a smooth talking jock in trouble
She’s the solution to his problems.
Love is the last thing they expected to find. 

Damon Prescott had it all. Star quarterback. Money. Fame. Now? He’s being accused of taking performance enhancing drugs and banned from the sport and team he loves.

Determined to prove he’s innocent, he hires tough as nails private investigator, Evie Wolfe. She’s able to bring a man to his knees with a glare, yet sensual in ways that take him off guard – and she’s everything Damon didn’t know he needed. 

Evie’s used to men dismissing her, especially playboys like Damon Prescott so she’s not buying the sexual lines he’s trying to sell. She’s with him to do a job, nothing more. But you know what they say about the best laid plans? Sometimes you end up between the sheets with an arrogant football player anyway.

But when the case is over, can Damon convince Evie she’s the only woman for him or will she leave him tied up in love?
Now Available

The Fallout by W.S. Greer

NOW LIVE!!! The Fallout by W.S. Greer is available now!!!
“Wow, I can’t explain how much I am loving these books… a refreshing take on romance novels and very unique” – Goodreads reviewer
“These books are very clever and diverse… a great read and a huge recommendation from me” – Amazon reviewer
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What happens after a bomb detonates? The action happens, and everything is destroyed. The world is shattered. Splinters fly everywhere. Lives are wrecked. Time stops, and the only thing that matters is survival.
But how do you come back from the ruins? How do you manage when everything has been wiped away, and replaced by carnage? How do you return from annihilation?
When you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, an affair is a bomb. When it explodes, it causes just as much damage as any missile. It hurts as much as any bullet. Anyone within the vicinity of its destruction can become collateral damage, and it takes a remarkable kind of love to mend the wounds. Eli and Demi Lane have to heal from the damage caused by Eli’s breach of trust, but the devastation may be too much to come back from.
While Eli and Demi try to recover, their therapist, Dr. Malcolm Colson, learns that the effects of his own detonation will be far more than he ever bargained for.
#1 The Therapist
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#4 Toxic – releasing September 1
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Wild Distortion by Tina Saxon

Wild Distortion by Tina Saxon is now live!

In paradise, nothing is as it seems.


Coach gave me three rules. Train. Stay focused. Stay away from women. After being suspended from three NFL games, I was exiled to a remote island to stay out of the press.

One sight of the island beauty and I knew I was doomed to fail.

She’s the girl from the island.
Her eyes the color of whiskey and her lips, the taste of sugar. She’s all of my addictions rolled up in one hot body. What’s wrong with having a little tryst while on a mini-vacation?

Except addictions are hard to quit.


He made me fall in love with him and then left me broken-hearted. My prison was his fantasy. But he wanted to see me again. He offered me something I couldn’t resist. A chance to leave the island.

I should have never gone to New York City. I was a stranger in his world, but secrets about a past I never knew lurked in the shadows threatening to unravel my life. I thought I left the mysteries of the island at home. I didn’t know I was one of them.

I’m the girl from the island.
And I was found dead twenty-four years ago.

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Meet Tina

Tina Saxon lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and two kids. She’s not afraid to try new things because it’s outside the box of typical housewife. CEO of her home is by far the most rewarding job she has ever had. Her jobs include, but are not limited to, seamstress, carpenter, craft extraordinaire, PTA President, chauffeur, dance mom, mediator–of mentioned kids–and author. Once upon a time she was a Financial Analyst but traded budgets and forecasts in for diapers and bottles. The former was definitely easier but the latter more fulfilling.

Tina’s love for reading surged into her passion for writing. Wanting to bring the reader an intriguing story that’s hard to put down with steamy love scenes that heat you up, she’s always thinking of the perfect way to take you down that path.


Connect with Tina

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