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Love Me Naked

Love Me Naked

Moretti Family Novel

By Remy Reigns

Not all monsters live under our beds or in our closets.

Some walk in the daylight, keeping up their facade.

Determined to survive, Tera Collins has to do the unthinkable.

A mother will do anything to protect her child.

The madness from her prior life is now behind her or at least she thought.

Waitress by day and stripper by night, she’s her own fucked up superhero.

All bets are off when she unknowingly befriends the mafia.

Did she leave one monster to crawl in bed with another?

Being an enforcer for the mafia, Franco Moretti has witnessed some dark things, but has carried out darker.

When a troubled woman walks into his family’s restaurant, he finds his thoughts captivated by her.

While he tries taming the beast inside for the single mother, her previous life comes back, tempting vengeance.

His lingering monster plays well with the madness of her past.

Stripped naked, he sees the demon that lurks inside.

Is he still capable of love or has the demon inside taken too much of a hold?