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The Monarch’s Challenge


A year in the writing, a year in the editing, and a week in the waiting!The 7th book in the Chronicles of the Dragon Nations seriesThe Monarch’s Challenge Dragons and Otherkin Mystery and Intrigue Another piece in the puzzle of the Otherkin Files Paranormal Fantasy and RomanceAnd did I mention Portals to other worlds allowing evil to attack the Mortal Realm?Ariana Dratianos: For several summers, there has been peace. That is, until the former Lord Guardian of the Mystic Realms, my old friend Lord O’Dell, tells us something Draconis and I did three summers ago has forced every portal connected to each other to open, making it visible to anyone with eyes to there are things coming out of them that we cannot catch. I fear we will not be able to close them before something truly evil leaks out and threatens to destroy us all.I love being Earthbound.Interested? Available for $2.99, FREE in KU (as always) Paperback coming soon!