Cover Reveal

Under My Skin

Title: Under My Skin
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph
Genre: Dark Romance 
Release Date: Aug 13th 

Many know me,
yet none have seen my face.
I’m the topic of conversation,
but nobody knows my name.
I am a life thief.
A soul destroyer.
An invisible plague.
And still, you want to know me.
Because my darkness reminds you,
of the desires that lurk within you.

It was initially published as part of an anthology under the title Dark Desires.

For those who have read it, there is a new cover, bonus content and an extended Epilogue to look forward to.

If you haven’t you’re in for a treat.

Jo-Anne Joseph is a South African Author who writes fiction contemporary romance, psychological romance and romantic suspense. She has a flair for creating stories that are sweet and sassy, others riveting and suspenseful. Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys painting and coloring. She also has a deep love for poetry and prose. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age and resulted in her debut novel Infinity published in September 2017. She has since published five other titles along with a poetry anthology, as well as contributed to two anthologies.
Her books are available on, Ibooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback format. She has worked with an international publishing company on one of her anthologies. Bridge Books in Johannesburg and Maboneng carry her titles.
Jo-Anne is a business professional by day, she works in the field of corporate governance, and an Author by night. She also writes on a volunteer basis for on-line publications Still Standing Magazine and the website Glow in the Woods. Her articles have been republished in several newsletters.
She is eager to encourage the culture of reading in South Africa and show regular working woman and parents that it’s not impossible to follow the creative aspect of their dreams and goals. If you love something enough, you’ll make the time for it.