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🌳❤️Treehouse Whispers by Elouise East❤️🌳
They have known each other forever… But they still have one secret left.
Jamie has always been by Benji’s side: neighbour, best friend and co-owner of their very own treehouse. But Benji wants things he has never dared ask for from his best friend: his love. Not wanting to risk their friendship, Benji throws himself into being the best friend he can be, despite his limitations.
Is thirty-three too old to realise the man of your dreams has been right next to you all along?
A 20,000 words friends-to-lovers sweet romance.
☀️☀️New Release!☀️☀️
Ciro is like the sun; if you stare too hard, you become blind.
But what happens when you stare, and the sun looks back at you?
He is the sun personified. I crave to stare at him, bask in all his glory and disappear in him. He makes me see what I didn’t want to see. He makes me strong. He makes me whole.
He makes me…Me but I don’t want to be me, I want to be Ciro’s.
–Blinded By The Sun

Pete Thron was a NYCHA cop during the era of crack cocaine and the war on drugs in Upper Manhattan. Conducting top secret undercover operations, squeezing snitches for information, and arresting dangerous criminals. He complied hundreds of arrest, and was involved in several shootings. Taking down drug dealers,and ruthless criminal organizations. Then in a split second, his career came crashing down during a buy and bust operation gone awry, becoming victim to the city’s brutal police politics. Finding himself behind bars and betrayed by the job he loved and bled for, Thron switches gears to give a brutally honest portrait of a street cop serving his sentence among the criminals he once arrested in the New York penal system.
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As far as Renae Armstrong and Stanley Malone are concerned, life is great until a horrific tragedy brings unforeseen life changes for them both.
A love so tangible it weaves three hearts together…

Everett has lived a solitary existence, serving his don to the best of his ability, even forfeiting his happiness in the interests of his Mafia family. Now a widower, he yearns for what he lost when he married his wife. Love. And the ex-boyfriend he left behind.

Drake is on a mission. His late-mother requested one last thing from him, but he finds himself at a place where he instantly feels at home. He falls for Everett’s charm, losing his heart in the process until Everett’s ex-boyfriend arrives.

Finn was left brokenhearted many years ago, but he never forgot his first love. When news finds him that Everett is free of his obligations, he has no choice but to reach out despite the potential dangers. Finding Everett in the arms of another man was not what he expected.

Can the three men, who have lost so much, find what they’re looking for at The Base?

An MMM Mafia romance
🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️ Deadly Secrets!🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️
Book 1 of the Brothers That Bite Series!
Beyond the Pages
A short stories collection
International Bestselling Author E.S. McMillan
We’ve all heard the tales and know how they end. Haven’t you always wondered what comes next for the characters after the story ended? What if Merlin got it wrong? Was all well in Neverland after Wendy and the Lost Boys returned to London? What really happened between and the giant? What did Bastian do with his wishes? Go beyond the pages of some of classic fiction’s most popular stories and discover the answers to the age old question…What comes next?