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KB Worlds invites you to help reveal the cover and blurb of A HEART REDEEMED by DAWN BROWER releasing November 19th.


Dawn Brower’s A Heart Redeemed is a suspenseful, emotionally-charged, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds.

Paige Morris has secrets…

Her life has been filled with darkness for too long. After a terrorizing experience with her daughter’s father she makes necessary changes. Redemption isn’t always possible, but she hopes in time she’ll achieve hers. When she is asked to foster a little girl whose parents were murdered she automatically agrees.

Alexander “Lex” Foster is battling demons of his own…

He has witnessed a lot of awful things in his life, but the gruesome murder he’s assigned to investigate tops the list. The little girl he finds cowering in a cupboard breaks his heart. Solving the case becomes his top priority. What he doesn’t expect is his instant attraction to the foster mother who takes in the victim’s daughter.

Deception, murder, and inescapable passion…

What could go wrong? As Paige and Lex grow closer, so does the killer. After several disturbing messages Lex moves in to protect the girls. Ensuring their safety is his priority. He cannot afford any diversions; however, his growing desire for Paige may be his undoing. When the psychopath makes his move, he might be too late to save them.

Cover Design: Victoria Miller

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