Firsts Series by M. Marie Clark

Title: First Sight
Series: Firsts #1
Author: M. Marie Clark
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2020


Slater Torrey
Out of the blue, I inherit a dog from an aunt I never met. When I walk into the local shelter to find Duchess a new home, I find my forever, instead. One look at the beauty and she owns my heart and soul.

Elyse Sheridan
Slater walks in and turns my world upside down. I convince him to keep his inheritance, and he persuades me to give him a chance. It turns into the best decision I ever make.

Slater may have to fight a few battles to keep Elyse, but he’s more than ready. There isn’t anyone who can take her away from him now that he’s found his perfect love at First Sight.

NO one.

*Please note this book was previously published as under the pen name Loni Ree.*

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Title: First Touch
Series: Firsts #2
Author: M. Marie Clark
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 10, 2020


Zander Burton
Never trust a woman and make sure you’re never stupid enough to give your heart to one. I’ve always lived by these words, then Rachel Marsh crashed into my life. It only took one night, one touch for the gorgeous blonde to make me ignore the rule I’d followed my whole life. The next morning, I found the strength to ignore my heart and walk away even though a little voice told me I was making the biggest mistake of my life.

Rachel Marsh
I escape one violent jerk only to find “the one.” At least, I give my heart to him only to have him stomp it the next day when he turns into the next jerk in my life. Zander’s hot and cold act grows old really fast, and I’m going to get my life together with the help of my new family and leave both the jerks in my past behind me.

When Zander finally wakes up and figures out he’s been living by a crazy rule, he’s way too late. Now, he’s got his work cut out for him if he has any chance of winning Rachel’s heart again. He’s going to take matters into his own hands and crash her vacation. He doesn’t plan on leaving until she listens to what he has to say. His whole future depends on it.

*Please note this book was previously published as under the pen name Loni Ree, it contains some new content and has been re-edited.*

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I fight waking up as long as I can. My foggy mind fights to piece the puzzle pieces together as I take inventory of myself. It’s been a long time since I woke up naked with a tingling soreness down south, and this soreness is pretty bad. After I pull together the courage to glance at the male arm wrapped around my middle, relief floods me when I don’t find Dooley’s spider and dragon tattoos running up and down the huge, muscular arm.
Slowly, my mind fills with the memories of Zander returning with his sweats while I checked out the massive marble and glass bathroom attached to his guest bedroom. One minute, I was reaching for the clothes in his hands; the next, I was lying across the bed naked while Zander shed all his clothes. What followed was a frantic mating of teeth, tongues, and all other body parts we could use on each other. The huge cock digging into my ass tells me he didn’t bother to redress after our marathon lovemaking. Last night was another bad decision to add to my growing list of horrible choices. It’s time I listen to the lectures I’ve been giving myself for months. This man’s touch goes straight to my heart like no other’s, but I still need to take time and change my life before getting into another relationship.
I can tell when Zander jerks awake behind me because his entire body stiffens. I want to kick myself for lying here, reminiscing about last night instead of taking the chance to flee for a few minutes to gather myself. At this point, I realize there’s a phone ringing somewhere. Zander jumps from the bed, and I can’t stop myself from watching his broad, naked body disappear down the hall.
I’m debating my poor decisions a few minutes later when Zander stomps back into the room wearing a robe. He throws another pair of sweats at me. “Get a shower and your ass dressed. I’ll meet you downstairs in a few. We have to get down to TBD.”

Author Bio

M. Marie Clark is the Contemporary Romance and Paranormal pen name of Instalove, Rom-Com author Loni Ree. M. Marie is a very busy mom of six who loves to read, and she finds that it helps her escape the chaos of everyday life. She writes steamy romance stories about hot heroes finding their beautiful soulmates and fighting for their happy endings!

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