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Lost In Darkness



Lost In Darkness is the second book in Eve L. Mitchell’s The Akrhyn Series. This urban fantasy adventure is available now on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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 Book Blurb:

Tegan Novikov Holt is missing. Bonded to an Akrhyn who has too many secrets, she needs to know what they are, no matter the danger to herself.

The accusations that Cord is working with the Drakhyn are preposterous, but Tegan knows the Castor is keeping things from her…from them all.

After the bold Drakhyn attack at the Akrhyn ball, Cord’s life and death decision that night bears heavily on his soul. It is guilt no one but his mate knows he carries.

Tegan’s father, Leonid, has been taken. Her sister hates her. Her uncle wishes to use her for gain with the Great Council. The Great Council want her watched, shadowed, and reported on. There are too many factions vying for control for a power that is not theirs to gain.

Through it all, the Drakhyn watch, they wait, they grow in numbers, and they prepare.

War is getting closer. Time is running out.

Akrhyn must learn to fight as one if they are to win against the agents of the Darkness.

For those lost in the darkness, even the smallest sliver of light burns brightest.

*This is Book 2 in the Akrhyn Series and is not a standalone book, Book 1 must be read in order to enjoy this book.*

Into Darkness (Book 1) is available now on kindle and kindle unlimited:

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