Visible Panther Line Milly Taiden



Visible Panther Line is LIVE!

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Sky Adler isn’t looking for a man. She’s happy being Gerri Wilder’s newest assistant and excited she’s been sent on a mission to scope out a new client. She wasn’t expecting the town to treat her like she’d committed a crime and for the client to be hot enough to melt the ozone. She might need a cold shower, but she’s a professional, she can handle it. Maybe. Hopefully.

Damien Grimes isn’t looking for a mate and has worked damn hard for the evil image he puts out. But when he meets Sky, that all changes. The very image of a playboy jerk is now what’s keeping his mate from wanting to give him a chance. He needs a small miracle, urgently, if he ever wants to get her out of her clothes and into his bed. And he really really wants that.

It’s not easy for Sky to not judge Damien based on her research, but she’s trying. Things are headed in the right direction when trouble comes calling and Sky needs saving. She has to allow Damien to be her hero and stop denying the love she knows she feels for him. Easier said than done.

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