Cover Reveal



Ransom (Love Hack Book 1) by Elizabeth Knox 

Cover Design by: Clarise Tan

Cover Photo by: Golden Czermak 

Cover Model: Cody Smith  

Release  Date: February 20, 2021


I’m the guy you call when you have no one else left to ask. I’m the man who will take your home, your fancy car and everything else in between. 

Who am I you might ask? I’m Lucian Bane. I’m the one person in this world who will levy what you love the most, for who you love the most. 

There isn’t a price you won’t pay. 

I was the bad guy to some, and the good guy to others. But now I’m not either. You see, now I’m the victim. 

What do they want? It’s easy. Money. 

They want me to pay their ransom. In exchange I’ll save her life. The only woman who ever had my heart, and the one woman who shattered it to pieces.

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