Defending Yvette by PJ Fiala


Defending Yvette is LIVE!

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When you know too much, life can become deadly.

Yvette Jacobson has discovered something she’s not supposed to know, and if she doesn’t find a safe place soon, she won’t live to tell the tale. A call to her high school friend, Jax Sager, promises protection–if she can stay alive long enough to get there.


Wyatt Lawson enjoys his life in GHOST. He has a roof over his head, and he gets to work with weapons and badass co-workers who have become like family. Then his boss sends him to pick up a friend in trouble, and life gets exceedingly more complicated. Saving the lovely Yvette from a monster is mission number one. Teaching her to protect herself, is mission number two. But, keeping Yvette from stealing his heart is the hardest mission of all.

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