Release Date: 28th August 2020

Cover Design: KatDeezigns











We’d made promises and exchanged vows.

Joel Matthews was my knight in shining armour. In my darkest

hours, he’d pulled up in his sleek black sports car and swept me off my feet

before promising me forever.

Then life happened.

Plans changed, surprises arrived and life got in the way.

Nothing was how it was supposed to be. How we planned.

What could I do? I had three kids who needed their Mum. I had

to be the best parent I could be, as my husband self-destructed and my marriage


Now, the fancy house I’d once loved was my prison but I was

determined to protect my kids, no matter the cost.

Broken Promises is a story about the private and hidden

struggles inside a marriage, with a message that putting yourself first

occasionally isn’t selfish, but a necessity.

**Was previously release under the title Nobody Knows but has

been re-written and re-edited**

#newrelease #bringtissues #uglycry #womenslit

#notforthefainthearted #brokenpromises #lifehappens


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