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Chaz (Reapers MC #14) by Elizabeth Knox


Chaz (Reapers MC #14) by Elizabeth Knox
Cover Design: Clarise Tan
Photographer: James Critchley 
Cover Models: Ash Edelman PCA Pro Bodybuilder & Model and Maria Antonia Stavrou


Ever since my hands were shattered, I’ve felt like a ghost of the man I once was. Lucien may have broken my bones, but in all reality he damaged much more than my body. He crushed my spirit. 

I was lucky enough to have Sakura and Cheyenne by my side when I went through my reconstruction surgeries, but now Cheyenne has left to go up to Montana and Sakura is focused on trying to have a baby with Mouser. Over that time I was able to force friendships with both of these ladies. 

Now that my hands are as good as they’re going to get, I suppose it’s time I get back in action. Damon told me he wanted me to help this chick out with a project she’s working on. She’s one of Re
bel’s friends, even works with her at Crave, LLC. Damon doesn’t tell me anything about this project, but imagine my surprise when I found out she’s writing a romance novel about a biker club and Damon told her she could shadow me for three months to conduct her research. 

I’d probably hate it if she wasn’t the most gorgeous Romanian woman I’ve ever seen. 

Crina came here for research, but she’ll be getting much more than she bargained for. 

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