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BRVL Author Spotlight — Evelyn Montgomery

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Title: Resurrection

Series: The Salvation Duet

Author: Evelyn Montgomery

Message to Readers: The book contains triggers for self harm and suicide. Reader discretion is advised.


Rose My husband is gone and all that remains are his clothes, his shoes, our memories. The bathroom is filled with his shaver, his toothbrush, his hair brush – but the last thing he left behind was a folded flag that now sits in the living room. My children will never know their father. I will never know how it feels to grow old with him. All that I have left are the voices. The voices that haunt me day and night and never leave me alone. The ones telling me I’d be better off six feet under instead of him. But they stop when he comes along. Justin Gatz. My boss. My new best friend, and a savior I never expected. Justin I left Knoxville for a reason. I promised myself I’d never get close to anyone ever again. All I do is ruin, damage, destroy everything I touch. But she sees me. Through me. To the place I don’t let anyone into. She sucks me in and I suddenly find myself playing house with her and her two kids wondering how the hell I got here and when I am finally going to stop. All I do is ruin. I know all too well her demons, having served my country like her late husband and still concealing secrets of my own. I watch her fall apart. I watch her wrestle with her mind. I see her struggle and know I have to help, if only for a while. Rose Gables. I can’t get enough of her. She might need a savior, but what she doesn’t know is she is the one doing all the saving and I’m a damn fool to think I can ever walk away.


Slow burn, friends to lovers, steamy, mental health awareness, dark, suspenseful, angst

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From the beaches of California to the hollers in Central Kentucky, I always knew one thing I wanted out of life – I wanted to write! Growing up on the West Coast, I started on that journey but didn’t publish my first book until me and my family of 5 moved to Central Kentucky to start a new life. Although I miss my old world in sunny California, I have found a new love for the south that I always knew existed and you can see throughout my novels.


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