#BRVLPromo What the Heart Wants: Soulmate Book 1 By Kelli McCracken

 #BRVLPromo What the Heart Wants: Soulmate Book 1 By Kelli McCracken Amazon — http://ow.ly/v8zY50BeBCC #NewRelease #KU #Fantasy #CollegeRomance A reoccurring dream. A fated encounter. A destiny neither can deny. Buy today for $2.99 #BRVLPromo Sign Up —- http://ow.ly/cUQh50BeBCD BLURB: Heaven Lewis needed a break—from college, relationships, and her life. After arriving in L.A., her vacation plans are thwarted by chaos. Encountering a celebrity wasn’t on her to-do list. Neither was dating him. Yet one glance into rock-star Dylan McBride’s eyes and his soul speaks to hers. If Dylan told Heaven he had been dreaming of her for years, she would probably think he was nuts. Still, something about her awakens a desire in him he never knew existed. As much as he craves her, he can’t deny the mysterious connection between them that somehow allows him to sense her emotions. As the bond between them deepens, Dylan uncovers a shocking secret that threatens everything he thought he knew. Can he find the courage to tell Heaven the truth? Or will looming threats and hidden dangers tear the two apart? Slow-burn chemistry leads to an epic soulmate romance! Mystery surrounds psychics and elementals in What the Heart Wants, the first book in the Soulmate series, an original masterpiece by USA Today Best-selling Author, Kelli McCracken! @authorkellimccracken @bookreviewvirginialee ~~&&~~ HOSTED BY:~~&&~~ BRVL—Book Review Virginia Lee: http://ow.ly/LwrR50BeBCF #BRVLTeaser 12

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