L.N Manning Book

What does Ethan not sure what his mate is doing for surpriseCome find out in Always, Mate #LGBT #MMRomance #Paranormal #ShiftersSince the moment Jonathan Waine mated Ethan, they had been through one hell and another. Things have finally settled down, and he wants to do something special for his Alpha Mate. He whisks Ethan away for a few days to show him what it truly means to be cared for.
When his mate, Jonathan, tells him to shower and change his clothes, Ethan Gregory doesn’t know what to expect. Then he is blindfolded and driven away from their home, and he starts to worry. But he never would have guessed that his big bad wolf had such a romantic side.
Also available on KindleAmazon – http://ow.ly/hddn50AO7fa
~~&&~~ HOSTED BY:~~&&~~ BRVL—Book Review Virginia Lee: http://ow.ly/w3SA50vlKHYCheck out L.N Manning other books Also Escaping Their Pasts Bookhttp://ow.ly/pEAb50ANkG5Defending Their Bond —http://ow.ly/U1x050AO7eOAlways, Mate —http://ow.ly/hddn50AO7fa His Protective Mates (Broken Oaks Pack Book 1) —http://ow.ly/u3f650ANkyK

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