Wolf Ranch: Fierce by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale

Pack Rule #5: Happy mate, happy fate.
Wolf Ranch: Fierce by Vanessa Vale & Renee Rose
Pack Rule #5: Happy mate, happy fate. Fate has it in for me. She’s sent me the sassiest, strong-willed female imaginable. Wolf Ranch’s new veterinarian. A human who thinks I do everything wrong. Thinks she knows large animals better than I do. And who doesn’t want anything to do with me. But I knew the first time I caught her scent she belonged to me. So I’ll show her a large animal. One she can’t resist. Or at least one who can’t resist her. I’ll prove she doesn’t know everything about four-legged beasts. Especially not the fiercest ones who stalk their prey in the night. Especially not one determined to prey on her. Me.