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♥҉♥҉‿➹⁀♥҉ LOST IN LINC ♥‿➹⁀҉♥҉♥


♥҉♥҉‿➹⁀♥҉ LOST IN LINC ♥‿➹⁀҉♥҉♥

RELEASE DATE: 22nd September


It’s time to find out if a weekend of passion can turn into happily ever after…Lost In Linc. 
Passion or Torment?
A weekend of no-strings-attached sex, that’s the rule. No last names, no commitment. But Linc changes the game when he makes love to Rylee. Losing her heart isn’t part of the plan. She had an itch to scratch, and he fit the bill. Now Rylee is running away in the night, taking a piece of him with her.
Linc has issues with trust, thanks to his deceitful ex-wife. Waking up to an empty bed and no Rylee to be found does a number on his heart, but he can’t shake the thought of her from his mind. She could be the one. When a chance meeting brings them together again, Linc plans to hold on to her tighter, not letting her out of his sight.

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‿➹⁀Author Bio ⁀➷‿

Writer, wife and mother of three girls. This multi-published author likes her whiskey Irish, her chocolate dark and her hockey hard hitting. She’s an avid reader and you can find her Kindle packed full of all sub-genres of romance. When she isn’t writing action-adventure, suspense, and strong woman she’s spending time with her husband and three daughters.
She’s currently writing the hot and steamy romantic suspense series Securities International and the novella series The Caine & Graco Saga. Her first two books in the Securities International series have both won the Colorado RWA Beverley contest, Sniper’s Kiss in 2018 for Suspense, and Angel’s Kiss in 2019 for Contemporary.
E.M.’s favorite saying is don’t piss her off she’ll write you into a book and kill you off in a new and gory way.

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