Ascension by J. Haney and S.I. Hayes

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#Ascension by J. Haney and S.I. Hayes  

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** BLURB **

After the assassination of her father and the suicide of her mother leaves Princess Maya Meleke spinning, it is up to those around her to get her to the throne.

It was the King’s wish that Maya one day unite the Normal and Paranormal realms, yet being held to court and under the thumb of a straightlaced Royal Guard is the last thing on the young Princesses agenda. 

Maya fights Officer Zane Coreleali on everything. He knows that he is going to have his hands full with Princess Maya, but he wants them full of something else. 


He is, however, not the only one after young Maya’s affections. Valaria Cosumos, daughter to Lesser King Usar is her Lady in Attending, and attend she shall. 

** Trigger Violence

** LBGTQ Themes


J. Haney-

S.I. Hayes-

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