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Write True by Jennifer Probst

Write True: A Bestseller’s Guide to Writing Craft and Achieving Success in the Romance Industry by Jennifer Probst is now live! 

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst teaches a surprising key to success in the romance industry: truth.

Write True intermingles personal essays on craft and being a career author with down-to-earth advice on writing romance in the digital age. Probst will teach you how to:

– Handle and overcome fear using solid, step-by-step advice.
– Pivot in an ever-changing industry.
– Write fast moving, riveting dialogue.
– Create description and settings that pop.
– Master the keys to being a successful career author in the romance genre.
– Develop heroes and heroines that captivate readers.
– Seed and develop a popular series.
– Discover unique ways to market and build your platform.

In today’s ever-changing, competitive industry, connecting with your writing and story truths is key to sustaining a joyful, successful writing career. To survive–and thrive–you need the help and wisdom of an expert. It’s time to discover your truth as a storyteller.

Written in Probst’s unmistakable and honest voice, Write True is filled with lessons, craft, and truthful advice every writer needs to succeed.
Don’t just write.
Write true.
It would be an easier, happier world if none of us had to face the harsh realities and pain of our lives, but eventually, we all will. When it’s your turn, and you sink down into the abyss, remember there will be light one day. It won’t be easy to crawl out of the dark, but it’s possible because writing is about hope.
Hope that our story can give one person in the world a gift. Maybe that is the gift of escape, or happiness, or a laugh during a difficult time. Or the power to dream. Or the determination to keep going, just like our characters. We may not realize it during our darkness, trying to fight to make our writing come alive on the page, but those readers are out there, waiting for us.
We owe them this fight. They need our story.
They need your story.
-Excerpt from Write True

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Probst wrote her first book at twelve years old. She bound it in a folder, read it to her classmates, and hasn’t stopped writing since. She holds a masters in English Literature and lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Her family keeps her active, stressed,  joyous, and sad her house will never be truly clean. Her passions include horse racing, Scrabble, rescue dogs, Italian food, and wine—not necessarily in that order.

She is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of sexy and erotic contemporary romance. She was thrilled her book, The Marriage Bargain, spent 26 weeks on the New York Times. Her work has been translated in over a dozen countries, sold over a million copies, and was dubbed a “romance phenom” by Kirkus Reviews. She is also a proud three-time RITA finalist.

She loves hearing from readers. Visit her website for updates on new releases and her street team at

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Power Play by Rosemary Willhide

Title: Power Play
Author: Rosemary Willhide
Publisher: Luminosity Publishing LLC
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2020


Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

When the bad boy of the NHL, Zack Parker, lands himself in a public relations nightmare, his manager hatches a foolproof plan to get him out of trouble. With Zack’s hockey career in limbo, he reluctantly agrees to compete on a reality TV show called The Stars of Ballroom. 
At the end of the day, Zack figures he’ll slog his way through the first week, get voted off and everyone will forget about his latest scandal, plus he’ll score a brand-new contract with the Vegas Royals. 
What he doesn’t bank on is his tough, no-nonsense dance partner, Hannah Thorne from the UK. After missing the show last year due to an injury, Hannah is back and ready to battle it out to the end. She’s won the show twice and if she takes home the top prize again it will make her the only three-time champion of The Stars of Ballroom. 
Hannah is a fighter and has zero patience for Zack and his bad-boy ways. Her future depends on this victory, and she’s willing to risk everything to win. 

Go big or go home!



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“You totally fucked up this time,” my manager, Greg, huffed into the phone. “What the hell were you thinking, Zack? Jesus Christ, first you get ejected from the game, then kicked out of Drai’s After Hours Club? Was it not enough to ruin the team’s last chance to get into the playoffs, you had to cause a scandal in the process? It’s all over the news, ‘Hockey’s bad boy, Zack Parker from the Vegas Royals, urinates in a potted plant. Drai’s cries foul.’ This is a PR nightmare.” 
“Are you through?” I heaved, not wanting to listen to any more of his bullshit. “My head is killing me and I’m fucking tired.” 
“Through?” he bellowed. “I’m just getting started. You’re lucky Drai’s only kicked your ass out and didn’t press charges. You need to make some changes or—” 
“Or what?” I spat back and hurled myself out of bed to get water or whiskey, whatever I found first. “I was the Royals’ leading scorer this season. So we didn’t make the playoffs. Big deal. There’s always next year.” 
“Don’t you get it, Zack? There won’t be a next year if you don’t clean up your act.” 
I halted in my tracks. “What the fuck are you talking about?” 
After a pause, Greg sighed. “The owner of the Royals, he’s pissed. This isn’t the first time you’ve been in the press with this kind of crap. They’re seriously considering dropping you from the team. You’re in between contracts. Last night might’ve been the final straw. What’s going on, man? What happened to you? You used to be a fighter, the king of teamwork.” 
“Maybe I just don’t feel like I have anything left to fight for.” 
I gave up everything for hockey. I kept telling myself the injuries, the things I missed out on, would be worth it someday. Then, my parents were killed in a car accident last year. What’s the point of playing by the rules? What’s the point of anything? 
“Listen, Zack,” Greg said in a less angry tone. “I know you haven’t been yourself, but you’re going to have to help me out here. Do you want to call it quits?” 
“Fuck no. What the hell would I do with myself? Although, the thought of a long off-season isn’t the worst thing in the world. I can get out of the states and party abroad where no one knows me. Finally, have some damn fun.” 
“They’ve got paparazzi and camera phones abroad too. One more slip-up and I won’t be able to get you signed anywhere for next season.” 
“That’s not true. Last week you said the Warriors wanted me back.” 
“They rescinded their offer early this morning.” 
“Jesus Christ. Fucking assholes.” I grabbed a bottle of water and flopped on the sofa. “Okay, bro, I’m all ears. What do you suggest?” 
“Rehab. Now, before you curse me out, just listen. There’s a nice place in Malibu you could chill for a while until this blows over. It’ll show everyone you’re making an effort, then we can get you signed for next season.” 
“That’s a hard no. The prick that killed my parents was a drunk. I’m not like him. Hell, last night was practically the only serious partying I’d done all season.” 
“Well, I’ve got one more suggestion and you’re not going to like it.” 
“Then, I can hardly fucking wait, hit me.” 
Greg cleared his throat. “We rehab your image. I got a call from that show, The Stars of Ballroom, Marcus White had to pull out. He tore his Achilles.” 
“I’m going to stop you right there. There’s no fucking way I’m going on some goofy dance show.” 
“It’s not a goofy dance show,” Greg argued. “Marcus was an all-pro football player, a real athlete in his day. He said in some ways it was tougher than spring training.” 
“The answer is no. I can’t believe the producers would even want me. Isn’t it a family show?” 
“Yeah, a squeaky clean family show. And for the record, they didn’t contact me about you. They wanted Holmes, my other client. I had to talk them into you.” 
“You’re wasting your breath, man. The Stars of Ballroom is out. What other bright ideas have you got?” 
“That’s it, Zack. I got nothing else. Think of it this way, the first live show is a week from Friday and it only lasts six weeks. It’ll keep you out of trouble and in shape. I spoke to coach Gerard today. He told me if you do the show, he’ll personally go to the mat to keep you on the team. Think of the press, nothing but positive G-rated shit to get you out of this mess.” 
I rubbed my forehead, pissed that I found myself in this mess. Was there a way to make the best of it? “So, what do they do? Pair me up with a hot dancer? I do love a dancer’s body. What’s my partner look like?” “She’s pretty in a refined way, not the stripper way you’re thinking about. Which brings me to my next point. You can’t fuck your partner. It’ll ruin everything. Your relationship with her has to remain a hundred-percent professional.”


I’m an actress, turned fitness instructor, turned author of naughty shenanigans. I’ve told stories and entertained people my entire life. Writing is my favorite because I don’t have to leave the house or put on pants. Plus, the voices in my head always do what I say, for the most part. LOL!

I live in Las Vegas with my husband, Bill and my adopted pooches, Harley and Brownie. I still teach cycling classes. It keeps me sane-ish. Welcome to my world.



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The Bourbon Country Series

Whiskey Thief
The Bourbon Country Series Book 1
by Chris Bostic
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Romantic Suspense

When their Kentucky bourbon tour takes a turn for the worse, two engaged couples join up with strangers to seek shelter in the ruins of an old distillery. Grace encounters more than abandoned spirits on the decaying property, bringing her semi-comfortable world crashing down.
Tensions pull at the group, splintering the couples into teams. Only it’s hard for Grace to know what side to be on when bonds are tested, and opposites no longer attract. Questions abound. Who really are the strangers they paired up with? Should she break convenient bonds for a risky one? Then again, does it even matter if they don’t make it out alive?
Please be advised – The Bourbon Country Series features fast-paced adult psychological thrillers where sexual assault, PTSD, self-blame, and functional alcoholism combine to form a potent blend. Recommended for mature audiences, ages 18+

**On Sale for only .99 cents Sep 23rd – 28th!!**
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Kentucky Hug
The Bourbon Country Series Book 2

It’s been six long months since Grace’s world turned upside down. She unexpectedly finds herself back in bourbon country with Vince, dredging up memories barely concealed. Anxiety builds when a mysterious stranger shadows them, but it’s her own indecisiveness that first leads to misadventure.
Just like a flight of unfamiliar bourbons, Grace can only wonder if each of her trials will unleash a rot gut burn or a warm Kentucky Hug. More likely a mixture of both.
Please be advised – The Bourbon Country Series features fast-paced adult psychological thrillers where sexual assault, PTSD, self-blame, and functional alcoholism combine to form a potent blend. Recommended for mature audiences, ages 18+

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Barrel Strength
The Bourbon Country Series Book 3

After another nine solid months, things couldn’t be going much better for Grace. Life has settled into a comfortable routine. So, of course, she’s headed back to bourbon country with Vince. Maybe not the destination wedding she’d been dreaming about more recently, but the venue couldn’t be any more perfect. Or so they thought.
Wedding day should be a joyous occasion for the couple, but nothing is ever easy for them—especially when a manhunt locks down the venue and spirits flow from sleeping barrels.
Please be advised – The Bourbon Country Series features fast-paced adult psychological thrillers where sexual assault, PTSD, self-blame, and functional alcoholism combine to form a potent blend. Recommended for mature audiences, ages 18+

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Chris Bostic is the author of exciting adventure thrillers. From his home in suburban St. Louis, he turns family vacations and Boy Scout trips into gripping survival novels. The Northwoods Trilogy was his first series, with the setting chosen thanks to a BSA High Adventure trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Then came his SciFi series The Savage Horde, as well as a trio of standalone novels. He’s now rolled out a new series set in the Smoky Mountains.
Chris continues to build on his brand of epic adventure books. This year featured a three book set – The Bushwhackers Series – set in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The books are: Prepper Mountain, Shadow Warriors, and Jailbreak.
Then came another three book set, The Bourbon Country Series, to close out the year. Whiskey Thief, Kentucky Hug, and Barrel Strength mark a departure from teen fiction into a mature audience blend of psychological thriller and romantic suspense.

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Book Tour

Temple of Eternity

Temple of Eternity
Bobby Ether Series Book 2
by R. Scott Boyer
Genre: YA Fantasy

Deep in the rain forests of Guatemala, an ancient Mayan temple holds a mythical secret. The legendary Fountain of Youth lies within, but not all myths are fairy tales. The temple ruins have been seized by the Core, a sinister cult determined to unlock the mysteries of immortality.
When their captured friends are spotted near the temple, Bobby and his cousin Jinx must journey into the dark heart of the jungle to save them. Harnessing their extraordinary abilities, the boys will undertake an epic quest to fulfill a centuries-old prophecy.
Cut off from their allies, Bobby and Jinx combat supernatural barriers, raging rivers, and deadly beasts. They’ll face savage natives, vengeful ghosts, and ruthless mercenaries who can conjure a person’s darkest fears. Past and present will collide, with the power of eternity on the line. Can Bobby fulfill the prophecy and lay the temple’s spirits to rest? If not, Bobby and his friends may become permanent inhabitants of the Temple of Eternity.

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Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy
Bobby Ether Series Book 1
When sixteen-year-old Bobby Ether is abducted and brought to the secluded Jade Academy in Tibet, monks teach him and other special students how to tap into their Anima–the universal energy that connects all living things. But the headmistress of the academy is secretly exploiting the students, looking for genetic triggers to create a new breed of humans with metaphysical abilities. As his powers increase, Bobby is thrust into a cesspool of conspiracy, lies, and betrayal. A jade amulet left by his clairvoyant grandfather may provide answers, but what exactly is his family’s connection to this mysterious place?
Can Bobby master his talents in time to uncover the truth? If not, his fate–and the fate of the entire Jade Academy–may be sealed.
**Only .99 cents!!**
Scott Boyer grew up in Santa Monica, CA and graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 1996. In 2008, he became fascinated with the idea of blending young adult fantasy with new-age/spiritual fiction and spent the next six years crafting his first novel, Bobby Ether and the Academy, which won critical acclaim for blending Eastern spiritual philosophies with a fun, fast-paced adventure style.

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Unconventional Love by J Hart

Unconventional Love By J.Hart


#UnconventionalLove #JHart #NewRelease #BareNakedWords #contemporaryromance #comingofage


“I loved everything Unconventional Love encompassed.

It was emotionally charged and just a perfect read for me.” Goodreads Review


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When you’re young, there’s always that one kid who doesn’t fit in:

too fat, too poor, too quiet, too annoying… the list goes on and on.

The thing is, that had been me. I’d been that kid.

I hadn’t fit gracefully into life’s jigsaw puzzle; I’d been that piece in the wrong box.

Cocooned in the wrong life, I’d been like a butterfly waiting to emerge, waiting to take flight, and at eighteen, that’s what I’d done.

Hope had soared as I’d unfolded my wings. I’d been free to start a future of self-discovery.

It had been time—time to finally find the right box and complete my journey.

I’d never imagined myself where I am today or who I am today.

This is that story of how I found an unconventional love, one I choose for eternity.

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Meet the Author

Janice loves Romance.

That sentence pretty much sums me up.

Since my teens, even then I would use all my pocket money and spend it on whatever the latest teen magazine was out, Jackie and My Guy being two of them. So you could say I’ve had an addiction to romance and the need to read about people finding their happy ever after for a long time.

With so many stories of my own now twirling and dancing around in my head, and after my dad’s death during Covid-19 it’s then that I started on a different path so, Janice now writes

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A Lesson in Blackmail by KD Robichaux

Title: A Lesson in Blackmail
An Alpha Student/School Librarian Romance
A Black Mountain Academy/Club Alias Novel
Author: KD Robichaux
Genre: New Adult Taboo Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2020


I’ve made it my life’s mission to make the school librarian squirm. 
This school is mine—literally, my family built Black Mountain Academy generations ago—and I own everything in it. And I, Nathaniel Black IV, won’t stop until that includes her. 

She just started this year, my senior year, her first job right out of college. She calls it her dream job, but I’ve had the sick pleasure of making my study period with her every day more a nightmare. I’m fixated on her, obsessed with her, and all I want is to feel the skittish little mouse beneath me. 

I can’t get her out of my head, not even while partying at my friend’s house, every girl vying for my attention. But they don’t stand a chance, not when my focus is on Ms. Evelyn Richards. She makes me feel… things I don’t understand. Possessive yet… protective. I can f— with her, but no one else can. 

Compulsion strikes, the other half of my disorder, and that night I set out to find where she lives. And what I discover changes both our lives. 

The perfect information for blackmail. The perfect secret to hold over her head to get what I want. 




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KD Robichaux wanted to be a romance author since the first time she picked up her mom’s Sandra Brown books at the ripe old age of twelve. She went to college to become a writer, but then married her very own alpha and had babies. Putting her dream job on hold to raise her family as a stay at home mom who read entirely too much, she created a blog where she could keep her family and friends up-to-date on all the hottest reads. From there, by word of mouth, her blog took off and she began using her hard-earned degree as a full-time editor. When her kids started school, and with the encouragement from her many author friends, she finally sat down and started working on her first series, The Blogger Diaries, her own real-life romance. She’s now published more than fifteen stories in many different genres of romance.


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Crowned & Claimed Collection by Betty Shreffler

Title: Crowned & Claimed Collection
Author: Betty Shreffler
Genre: Royal Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: October 8, 2020


In a world where a woman’s purity is the fine line between being Queen and being killed, he was given one duty–to protect my purity and above all, to protect me. Both were a battle we weren’t ready for. 

USA Today Bestselling Author Betty Shreffler brings you a royal romance series full of irresistible love, passion, and forbidden romance. 

Forced by tradition, I must give myself to a man from the Royal Houses. Each one competing to be my King, all wanting what no other has had…my purity. 

To have what I truly want would risk my entire reign, but to do what is expected of me would destroy my heart. My only protection is to follow through, giving each royal the opportunity to win their prize…me in a bedroom suite and a crown atop their head.

Behind closed doors, I commit my biggest sin, loving a man I’m forbidden to have. When the time comes for me to be crowned, I’ll be forced to make a choice–risk our love or risk my life. 

From the Author: This series contains mature themes as well as multiple men pursuing and having a relationship with the lead heroine. This series is packed with passionate, toe-curling romance, page-turning drama, and unexpected twists. Once you start, you won’t want to put it down! 

Crowned and Claimed is a royal romance continuation series and includes all three books: 
Claimed Royalty 
Twice Claimed 
Forever Claimed


99c for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Betty Shreffler is a USA Today and International Bestselling Romance Author. She writes sexy and suspenseful stories with hot alphas and kickass heroines with twists you don’t expect. She also writes beautiful and sexy romances with tough women and their journeys at finding love. Betty is a mix of country, nerdy, sassy, sweet and a whole lot of sense of humor. If she’s not writing or doing book events, you can find her snuggling with her pups watching a movie, enjoying wildlife behind the lens of a camera, hiking in the woods, or sipping wine behind a deliciously steamy book.



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Limitless by Kaylene Winter


Limitless by Kaylene Winter is now live!



Limitless is the second spicy standalone novel in the Less Than Zero rockstar romance series. If you like searing desire, glamorous locations, and connections that linger through time, then you’ll adore Kaylene Winter’s emotional story.

“She snuck up on me and stole my heart…”

Sexy Viking drummer Jace Deveraux used his genius marketing skills to help propel Less than Zero (LTZ) to the top.

Friends-with-benefits was the only thing he was capable of.

Until free-spirited social media influencer Alexandria LeRoux made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Their secret, spontaneous global hookups were decadent, erotic, extraordinary.

For the first time in his life, Jace wants it all

Including a future with Alex.

Will one fateful night destroy his chance with her forever?

“I’ll travel the world for him…”

Ethereal animal-lover Alex had one goal in mind:

Conquer playboy Jace before they both left Seattle.

Her plans for him certainly didn’t include forever.

But their first time was so sublime, it ruined her for anyone else

What’s a girl to do?

Enjoy him in as many countries as possible, that’s what.

Except Alex has her own dreams and they’re already in motion.

Will Jace ever follow her for a change?

Their lives orbit on different courses, but gravity always seems to pull them back together…

Unless a blast from the past blows their chance to smithereens.

LIMITLESS is book 2 in the Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance Series.



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Meet Kaylene

When she was only 15, Kaylene Winter wrote her first rocker romance novel starring a fictionalized version of herself, her friends and their gorgeous rocker boyfriends. After living her own rockstar life as a band manager, music promoter and mover and shaker in Seattle during the early 1990’s, Kaylene became a digital media legal strategist helping bring movies, television and music online. Throughout her busy career, Kaylene lost herself in romance novels across all genres inspiring her to realize her life-long dream to be a published author. She lives in Seattle with her amazing husband and dog. She loves to travel, throw lavish dinner parties and support charitable causes supporting arts and animals.

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Cover Reveal

DIRTY AIR by Randi Colley Wilson

KB Worlds invites you to help reveal the cover and blurb of DIRTY AIR by Randi Colley Wilson releasing December 3, 2020.


What happens when the lines of a professional relationship blur? Do you lose control?

Or find more than you dared dream?

Trinity Thompson lives life in the fast lane. At twenty-five, she’s focused on proving that

women can compete on the race track. Born into a family who lives and bleeds racing,

Trinity is determined to go the distance. She has one chance. And no sponsors. Until a

tall, dark, sexy distraction named Hunter walks into her life and offers to make, her

dreams come true. But her dreams come at a price, one that Trinity can’t afford.

Hunter Jackson doesn’t take life too seriously. At twenty-seven, he’s known in elite

social circles as a bad boy and womanizer. One who flaunts his trust fund to get what

he wants and what he wants is Trinity. The son of a prominent businessman, Hunter, is

given one last chance to prove himself to his father to keep his trust fund. All he has to

do is sign Trinity and secure her sponsorships. Too bad, she hates him.

When the lines of their professional relationship become blurred, will they both lose

control in the wake of the dirty air left behind? Or will the turbulence of their attraction prove too much to overcome?

Cover Design: Tugboat Designs

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