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Corrupted Love by Elizabeth Knox

Corrupted Love (Mackenzies Book 2)

Cover Designer: Clarise Tan

Photographer: Reggie Deanching

Cover Model: Alex Michael Turner


My sister and I have been hidden gems, an ocean away from our father and half-brother since we were a few days old. I’ve never even met either of the Mackenzie men, but as sad as it is, it’s our life. Sloane and I learned to accept it even though it wasn’t the easiest growing up.

The two of us have stood side-by-side our entire lives. Now that our careers are starting to take off and we’re hitting our mid-twenties . . . I can’t live the way I have been for the last twenty-five years. 

I need a change.

I need to be a real Mackenzie, not just a woman with the same last name.

While Sloane might not understand, I won’t let anything stand in my way — even if she is my twin sister.


I’ve never been fond of the way my father has done business, but I’ve had to stand by and watch because of my position. You see, he’s the leader of the Russian Bratva and soon it will be mine.

On one condition: only if his longest standing enemy is hurt in the most tremendous of ways.

My father wants me to kill Greer Mackenzie. 

It may not seem like a difficult task, but my father has never been the type to make things easy. First, he wants me to fall in love with the girl. All because I chose my step-mother over him when I was a child. 

If I don’t do as he asks, he’ll give the throne to someone as corrupt as he is. I swore I’d never let it happen, and I refuse to throw in the towel now. I’ll do whatever it takes to end his reign, even if means killing an innocent woman. Ending one life could save millions.

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