Skylord by Delta James

Skylord by Delta James releases on October 23rd!
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Evil and two sleeping dragons await at Dunnett Head…

Aurora is a sorceress who was once a member of the Sanctuary, a group of women, led by the last drakania who have carved out a life in the Cave of Tears. The Sanctuary has been destroyed and Aurora has vowed vengeance for this and other wrongs done by her family by the Elemental Dragons. She travels to Dunnet Head in the north of Scotland to confront Duncan, Lord of the Skies. Mated to her ancestress more than a thousand years ago, Aurora seeks to kills the powerful dragonlord before he rises. She is too late.

Confronted by a beautiful woman who wants him dead after a millenia-long rest, Duncan recognizes her as his true heart and claims her as his mate.

Can Aurora learn the truth and embrace her destiny as Duncan’s true heart? Can the newly arisen dragonlord and his mate put to rest forever the evil that has been waiting?


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