Lion of Zarall: A Warrior Slave Dark Fantasy Series

Lion of Zarall by E.B. Rose
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He was more than a bad investment. The last thing Olira wanted was to purchase a slave; let alone one who was bred solely for fighting and killing. She had no use for a Purebred Beast at her farm. Near her little brothers. With his empty grey eyes and massive bulk, the slave’s presence made her uncomfortable. The beast had spent majority of his life training and fighting on the red sands of the arena. If he’d decided to snap his chains and rip her head off, the collar around his neck would be no restriction. The slave trader said purebreds were the most obedient. They don’t feel, they don’t think, they don’t make eye contact, and they don’t speak unless spoken to. They live to serve and breathe to please. She had nothing to worry about. Then why was she feeling the slave’s angry glares every time she turned her back at him? She couldn’t wait to auction him off and pay off her debt – as soon as she took care of that nasty infection and nurtured him back to health. Little did she know, the slave was more than a bad investment. He was the infamous Lion of Zarall. — Lion of Zarall is the first book of a dark fantasy trilogy. Contains violence and slavery themes, romance, and dubious consent.


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