New Release

Spenser: Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides #3

☪ New Release & Trilogy Complete! ☪
Spenser: Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides #3 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) by Tasha Black
She’s hunting a murderer, but this gorgeous alien wants to capture her heart.

Natalie West loves her job serving the public as part of the Stargazer police force. But with Violet Locke’s detective agency interfering in her work, and a murder case on her hands that she’s barred from investigating, she’s starting to feel like an outsider in her own town. The sad truth is, she may need Locke’s help to solve the case. If only that didn’t also involve spending time with Spenser, the hunky alien who sends Natalie’s heart into a tailspin every time he’s near.

Spenser has watched both his brothers find mates since they arrived on Earth. But the big alien prefers solving puzzles to meddling with humans. Until he meets Natalie West. The beautiful officer is as courageous as she is disdainful of their small detective agency. Spenser is determined to prove she is wrong about him, and claim her as his mate.

When a murder investigation sends Natalie to Spenser’s side, the two are forced to work together to get to the truth. If they succeed, will Natalie want to go back to the way things were? Or will Spenser find a way to capture her heart as well as their suspect?

This is book #3 in the interconnected Stargazer Alien Mystery Brides series! Be sure to read them all in order. Check them out here:

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