Cover Reveal

Revival of a King by @authorgnwright

Revival of a King by @authorgnwright
Coming November 20th!!
ELLEThree years ago everything changed in an instant. I was taken from my home, my family, my friends. I came back to Black Hallows for one reason and one reason only, Revenge.I just have to remember that everytime I lock eyes with Marcus Riviera. My name is Elle King and it’s time the Elite of this town paid for their crimes and make no mistake they will pay in blood.
MARCUSThree years ago I lost everything, my home, my father, my best friend.I went from a North Side Prince to a South Side King.I changed my world to get revenge for my father but then the girl I hate walks back into this town like she never left.Elle King is the reason my father is dead. But there’s a fine line between hate and love and I don’t remember which side I fall on anymore.
We can’t be the Elle and Marcus we once were, everythings changed.The town of Black Hallows is painted in blood and tainted in secrets.The North Side and South Side are about to be at war and it’s time to pick a side. 
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