Sharp Edges


Sharp Edges (Full Throttle #2) by Elizabeth Knox & Erin M Trejo

Cover Design by: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations

Models: Katie Marie & Robert Kelly

Photography by: Dante Dellamore



My name is Antonia Degrossi. I live in the best of both worlds. My father is the President of one of the most notorious MCs in Florida, and my mother, well, she is Italian royalty as far as the mafia is concerned.

I spend my time split between Roma and Florida to meet both their needs. For I’m their only child and both of their empires will eventually fall on my shoulders.

I’m a princess of two worlds: the motorcycle club, and the mafia.

Only, while my mother is eager to hand it all over to her only daughter, my father makes me prove myself.

I’m the only woman who’s ever been given two silver platters loaded with power, and I’ll do whatever it is he wants of me. Even if it means running recon on a club who’s expanding their territory.

Little do know what they’re walking into.

Yet, neither did I.

He was a man in the club. He wasn’t supposed to be anything more than that. Now here we are, our paths crossing again and everything could come crumbling down in the process.


Everything happens for a reason. At least in our world. I’m the VP of this club and for good reason. I love Miami and everything about it. This is my home.

The night she showed up in the club, I was wasted and wanted a good time.

When our paths crossed a second time, I knew it wasn’t fate. It was something more.

She’s different in every aspect of the word. She holds her head a little higher than most other girls. That gives me reason to suspect out chance encounters weren’t planned.

When our world is rocked, I have no choice but to look at the woman that caught my eye.  

Grab it here:


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