Firelord by Delta James

Firelord by Delta James releases on November 13th!
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Seth, Lord of Fire, is a lover and a fighter.

He’s the first into a fight and the last to leave.
And he loves women – all women.

Looking to get laid, he returns to Fire Storm, his stronghold in Wales, where instead of a submissive woman ready to see to his needs, he finds Caitlyn… or rather he finds her as she tries to kill him, not once but twice.

Now that the dragons are awakened, Caitlyn returns to Fire Storm to complete the vow she made when she left: Kill Seth, the Lord of Fire. The only problem is that she can’t seem to do it. And instead of dishing out punishment, she instead finds herself on the receiving end of the seductive Firelord’s harsh, shameful spanking.

A new vow is made when Seth turns Caitlyn, taking her maidenhead and teaching her to soar above the clouds.

When a darkness rises to threaten all of Britannia, they join the other Elemental Dragons as well as the couples from Warlord, Overlord, Wolflord and Fated. Can they save each other and Britannia?