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Wild Retaliation

By Ethan Stone

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Seaside Shifters: Book One

Chief of Police John Dakota keeps two secrets close to his bulletproof vest. One is the truth about Seaside, Oregon—that it’s a safe haven for shifters. Including himself.

The second is the nine-year-old mystery of why a series of brutal murders that rocked the sleepy tourist town simply…stopped. No one can know, especially not Trevor English. The local reporter who occasionally shares John’s bed.
When they’re skin to exceptionally hairy skin, Trevor’s too distracted to ask questions. But when bodies start turning up in a disturbingly familiar pattern, keeping Trevor’s nose for news at arm’s length is just one addition to John’s exponentially growing list of problems.

If the wrong people connect the dots, the killer could blow the secret of Seaside wide open. A thousand shifters living in peace could lose their sanctuary. And John could lose the one man who’s come to mean more to him than an occasional itch to scratch.

Second Edition: There have been no significant changes to this edition.

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