Black Ruins Fores

💜💜FREE NOW IN KU💙💜Black Ruins ForestBy Karen DuBoseHow much do you love sexy dragon shifters? Even the Overbearing ones?Blurb: Fate must’ve been bored. They’ve decided my lifecycle needs to be shaken up a bit. It’s bad enough waiting and wondering which of the four shifter animals I’m going to turn into. To top it all off, I have these weird and crazy daydreams that come and go whenever they want — leaving me disoriented. They’ve gotten me into trouble more than I like to admit. Then came to find out the Elders wish to kill me or use me for some unforeseen reason. So, here I am on the run just to survive. With my best friend Kira, my mom and a bunch of dragon shifter I barely know. Oh, and the crush of my lifecycle Kiernan.I’m really missing my old boring lifecycle right about now. If I can ever get back to it, I’m not taking it for granted again.Will, the Black Ruins Forest, hold the answers we are all seeking, or will it just make things worse? There’s only one way to find out and pray to the source we all survive long enough to get those answers.“Her fate will either kill her or empower her.”If you love shifter books, check this one out.#DarkFantasyRomance#DragonShifters#Magic#OwlBearLionShifters#FaeWitchesElves#Bookstagram#KarenDuBosehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HJWVJH8/

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