#BRVL PROMO Holden Offshore


Holden Offshore (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

By Lynn Michaels

Amazon — http://ow.ly/BvqS50CgzJj


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BLURB:Racing sizzles in Holden’s blood, and he found the perfect partner for his offshore boat team. Josh synched up with Holden like no other. They’re winning races, they’re best friends, and their relationship might be changing into something more romantic.When drug runners threaten Holden’s brother, can he keep all the pieces together?

Former Navy SEAL, Josh Decker, is quick to trust the Delta Team to help them out, but their involvement could put both Holden and his brother in more danger. Letting Holden participate would risk losing the only thing he’s ever wanted—a real family.

When everything seems darkest, can the Delta Force team jump in and save the day?

 ~~&&~~ HOSTED BY:~~&&~~ BRVL—Book Review Virginia Lee: http://ow.ly/oWFU50CgzJk#BRVLTeaser 18

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