Captured by Raven Amor

TEASER REVEAL!!! Captured by Raven Amor releases January 15!!! Is love a weakness or strength? Pre-order the first book in the Red Horseman MC duet now! US: UK: CA: AU: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩ Bloggers & Bookstagrammers, sign up to review ➩ Rae For years I’ve run. When I finally listened to my mother’s last words to go to her hometown, I never planned on staying. I hadn’t survived this long by being foolish. I had rules for a reason. Never stay in one place too long No friends or attachments. Only I never expected to meet him. Ice, as cold as his name until he looked at me Those Ice blue eyes would burn across my skin. I broke my own rules. I stayed too long. Made friends. And fell in love with the Red Horseman’s VP Now my past has caught up with me. I have nowhere else to run…. Ice They call me Ice for a reason. I’m as cold as my name. The sins of my past haunt me. Until she walks into my life. Thawing me with one look. I fight everything she makes me feel Why? Because I can never be the man she deserves. Only Rae kept a dark secret. Can I save her or will I lose her forever? WARNING: Adult content. Explicit sexual content and violence. Full of raw, gritty bikers. This is Part one and ends in a cliffhanger. @raven_amor01 #Captured #RedHorsemanMC #RavenAmor #mcromance #agegapromance #bookpreorder #teaserreveal #darkromance #BRVL

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