#BRVL PROMO I’ve Got You (Down South Book 3)

I’ve Got You (Down South Book 3)
By Audrey Ravine
Amazon — http://ow.ly/jlJZ50CiFS7
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BLURB:Cora Foster has never felt like she belonged.
The illegitimate child of a father who never gave her the time of day—daughter by name not blood. Her entire life had been spent playing a part, but never could quite live up the wealthy family name. So, she did the only thing she knew to do.
She ran.
Sterling Davis is no stranger to adversity. Son of the town drunk, he’s spent his entire life trying to prove to everyone that he was more than his past–more than his family name. Especially Cora.
He made a life for himself, became a cop. He found honor in his ability to protect and serve. It was his calling, his purpose. If only she stayed home long enough to see that.
Finally, as Cora rolls into town for his brother’s wedding, she gives into the desire she tried to deny for years. This is his shot, his chance to prove he will do anything to take care of her.
Unfortunately, another shot rings—a stray bullet flying through the air.
Getting together was just the beginning, but this could very well be the end for one of them.

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