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Title: Tempt Me Series: Temptation #1 Author: Kally Ash Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance, Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Standalone Romance) Published: 2015 Publisher: Indie via Vixen Publishing Number of pages: 256 pages

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A sexy single dad. His reluctant live-in nanny. An intense attraction with an end date. Max Parker has been screwed over by love. After returning home one night to find his wife gone without explanation and his infant daughter left alone and forgotten in her crib, he swears off women forever. Enter Gianna Borello. College student. Driven. Focused. Curves for days. The complete opposite of his ex-wife. And a complete temptation for Max.

Praise for Tempt Me:

“This book was outstanding!…I would easily give this book five stars!” – Candy, Amazon Reviewer “A phenomenal book one in the Temptation series!” – Debra, Goodreads Reviewer “Loved this story. The characters are very tempting.” – Bookbub Reviewer “Hot chemistry.” – Nate, Booksprout Reviewer “Beautifully written and absolutely captivating!” – Goodreads Reviewer


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“She’s gone.” Silence greeted Max. It was the kind of silence that made him wish he already had a shot of something strong and potent in his hand. “Hello?” “Yes, I’m here, dear. What do you mean, she’s gone?” his mom asked. He ran a hand through his short hair and blew out a breath. “I mean, she’s gone. Her side of the closet has been cleared out; all the things on the dresser are missing. She just wasn’t here when I got home.” More of that infuriating silence. “What about Erin?” He looked down at his daughter sleeping peacefully in her crib. “She left her behind.” “I’m coming over,” his mother said tersely, hanging up the phone before he could tell her not to bother. Max placed his phone back into his pocket. This was not what he was expecting when he came home from a fourteen-hour day at work. Walking back through to his bedroom, he stood in the doorway and studied the space he used to share with his wife. Chelsea and he had been together since they were in high school—the picture-perfect quarterback and head cheerleader living the dream of popularity. Just before school had finished, she’d told Max she was pregnant. They’d gotten married because that was what was expected, but things were far from perfect. Max had found out she’d lied about being pregnant, and so the seed of doubt and resentment started to grow. He had moved on from being the high school jock. He’d gotten a real job, and after eight years of hard work, he had become the manager of one of the most popular bars in LA. Chelsea, on the other hand, seemed to be stuck in the high school frame of mind. The problem with that was there were no doting airheads to stroke her ego every day, and that job got pretty fucking boring when Max was left to do it. He had always thought Chelsea was beautiful—everyone did—and maybe that was the problem. She had the signature blonde hair and blue eyes that all the guys at school had liked, and that was perhaps the only reason he had agreed to date her in the first place; Chelsea was the unobtainable girl for every guy, except for him. She was pretty, but had no substance. She was a picture book. Slumping down onto the edge of the bed, he let his head fall into his hands. What the fuck was he going to do now? Erin was barely four months old, he worked strange hours of the day and night at the bar and he had no idea how he was supposed to deal with the shit Chelsea had just piled on top of it too. Scrubbing a hand over his jaw, he looked up and saw his tired face staring back at him in the mirror hanging on the wall. Erin started crying before he could study himself too closely. Hauling himself up on to his feet, Max went into his daughter’s room to find her wailing, her little fists clenched tight and her face stained red. Scooping her up, he held her close to his chest and rocked her gently. Erin had taken after Chelsea in every way possible. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She even had the same dimples her mother had when she smiled. Thinking how she had left Erin alone for god knew how long tonight made him angrier than knowing that Chelsea had actually left him. It was one thing to screw him over—he was a grown man, he could take it—but to screw over their daughter, too? His blood boiled. Erin was going to grow up without a goddamn mother, and that was what really pissed off Max. “It’s all right, baby girl,” he murmured into her ear, settling her until her cries became small whimpers of protest. “That’s right. Drift off to sleep now. Good girl.” He rocked Erin until she fell asleep in his arms. After he put her down again, he shut her bedroom door and went into the kitchen. Pulling open the freezer, he took out a bottle of vodka, then found a glass drying in the rack beside the sink. The clear liquor froze his throat on the way down, the burn of the alcohol chasing the sensation away. He was on his second drink when there was a knock on the door. He stood up and walked through his living room to the entryway. He stared at the door—half of him hoping it was Chelsea on the other side, but the other half telling him he was a fucking idiot for thinking she would come back. “Max?” his mother called. With a sigh, he opened the door. The porch light was still broken, so he couldn’t see his mother’s face clearly, but he knew it would be a mixture of disapproval and pity. She stepped into the entry hall and took off her coat, handing it to him. “When did you get home?” she asked, walking ahead of him into the kitchen. Even from behind, he could see her gaze falling on the bottle of vodka and glass sitting on the counter, her head shaking in disapproval. Max watched her fill the kettle and put it on to boil before he answered. “About forty-five minutes ago.” His mother frowned. “And when did she leave?” “I have no idea.” His mom’s lips thinned into a severe line. “That woman is so irresponsible. How could she leave her child like that? Anything could have happened to her while she was alone.” He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms. “It wasn’t like she was left with lighter fluid and a box of matches in her crib, Mom.” She huffed, glaring at him. “Don’t get smart with me, Max. You know what I mean.” He nodded. He knew exactly what she was talking about. Erin could have stopped breathing, or gotten stuck in the bars of her crib, or any number of other things. “Did she leave a note, at least?” The fact that his mom constantly referred to Chelsea as she didn’t escape his notice. From the moment they’d started dating in high school, his mom had instantly disliked Chelsea. She’d said that he would get bored with dating a shallow, superficial girl. At the time, he hadn’t thought much about it, but as time and circumstances beyond his control had fused them together, he finally saw what his mom was talking about. “No.”


About the Author:

KALLY-LOGO-ALTKally Ash is a contemporary romance author whose passions include curling up with a good book, devouring chocolate and getting kitty cuddles. Tempt Me is her debut novel, and the first book in a three book series.

Some of her unicorn authors include Sawyer Bennett, Elizabeth Hayley and Haley Jenner.


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