Betrayed by Jacklyn

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Title: Betrayed

Series: The Chronicles of Luxor Everstone Book Two

Author: Jacklyn Daher

Genre: YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

Release Day: November 19, 2020


”Betrayal is like a snake; either it slithers and blindsides you, or the attack will be so swift, you’ll be struck before you could blink. Either way, prepare to suffer.”

With the revelation Luxor Everstone is the daughter of the Prince of Darkness, an entirely new door fraught with danger is opened. As Cane lays in wait, Luxor is forced to have constant protection, leaving her suffocated.

When new help arrives in the form of a witch, and a mysterious and dreamy boy who seems to soothe her more than anyone else can, she doesn’t hesitate to invite them into her life despite her growing affection for Hunter.

As fresh dangers loom on the horizon, she begins to unravel different details about her past, while greater powers are introduced, and the others continue to evolve. Conflicted between the pull toward her darkness and her desire to be good, Luxor juggles the priorities—and her opinionated guardians—while trying to find some semblance of balance.

When the darkness returns to claim her completely, can she trust herself to make the right choice?

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