Clearing The Ice Trilogy by Robyn M. Ryan

❤️️ ON SALE NOW ❤️️ Clearing The Ice Trilogy by Robyn M. Ryan is only 99c! Get the full hockey romance trilogy for only pennies. Amazon — https://amzn.to/3kptq86 Universal — getbook.at/ClearingTheIceBOX Apple — https://apple.co/3eU5YhX Nook — https://bit.ly/38JuLEe Kobo — https://bit.ly/2IqjVrP Google — https://bit.ly/2IudkNq Clearing the Ice includes three best-selling hockey romance novels: This Piece of My Heart, This Piece of My Soul, and This Piece of Our Being. “This story will grab you and will not let you go. It was emotionally charged and oh, so good. Caryn and Andrew’s second chance romance will hold you captive and make you believe in love again. The writing was great, the characters were great, and the plot was very enjoyable. This was one of the best books I have read in a while. This story embodied everything that is second chance, and the way the characters are makes this even more of a great love story. The trials they go through, the beauty of this story, the beauty. It is so worth reading.” Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty review. This Piece of My Heart She wasn’t looking for love. But, love came looking for her. This Piece of My Soul They believe love conquers all. Until it doesn’t. This Piece of Our Being She no longer believes that love conquers all. He questions his convictions. Alone, each faces an uncertain future. Fate, however, has other ideas. The Clearing the Ice Trilogy follows the journey of pro hockey player Andrew Chadwick and coed Caryn Stevens as their very different worlds collide one beautiful summer day. From sweet first love to the realities of married life, Caryn grows from an innocent, sheltered coed to an independent, strong woman. Together, the couple faces every obstacle thrown their way…until a sudden and senseless accident threatens Andrew’s life and inexplicably drives a wedge between them. Shattered by the incident, paralyzed by fear, Caryn can’t provide the support Andrew needs. Distrust, fears, and secrets construct walls, while each makes choices that take them further apart. The path to reconciliation proves rocky and missteps costly.