POWER by Marina Simcoe

POWER, book two in the Dark Anomaly Series by Marina Simcoe
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Power by Marina Simcoe book cover

Five decades after the disappearance of Svetlana Kostyk, the exploration of the mysterious anomaly in space has resumed. The first expedition inside the Dark Anomaly is sent, sponsored by private corporations.

We all have our reasons for being on this ship. Mine have everything to do with the reward promised upon completion of the mission. I have my future on Earth planned, and I need the money to make it happen.

Most of us find death upon arrival. One goes missing. And my fate may even be worse than theirs.

The man put in charge of me is a crude, uneducated brute, born and raised among the worst criminals of the ancient past. I have no power against him, but could I find a way to use his strength to my advantage?

As mutiny and betrayal wreak havoc on the Dark Anomaly, Wyck and I learn that we can only rely on each other to survive.

Welcome to the Dark Anomaly, there is no leaving this place.

Each book in the Dark Anomaly trilogy is a complete love story of a separate couple, with their very own HFN or HEA. However, the main story line arcs across all three books. It is recommended to read them in order.

Gravity, book 1
Power, book 2
Explosion, book 3

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